Migrating On-Premise to API
This document explains the process for Partners to migrate to a 360dialog hosted solution and get API access.


If you are a new client or direct customer and are interested in an On-Premise installation, please contact [email protected]
If I have existing On-Premise setups, do I need to move them to 360dialog infrastructure? Yes. All existing On-Premise setups (for none Independent Service Vendors) must be migrated to a 360dialog hosted solution. All servers are managed and maintained by the 360dialog infrastructure team.
Can we test the 360dialog API first? Yes, we encourage you to use our Sandbox for testing purposes. No setup or activation is required for a Sandbox account, you can get testing immediately.

Migration Procedure

The below steps are assuming a migration of a Single Instance — Simple setup with one Coreapp instance. Please contact your 360dialog Tech Support Agent if you require a High Availability setup.
Back up the settings from the current setup
(Partner) Back up the settings data from the current WhatsApp Business API client. We are only supporting Migration Option 1 - Settings Only. Please do not send us any Message Data or Authentication Tokens.
Send the backup data to 360Dialog
Send the backup data to your 360Dialog Tech Support Agent.
[Optional] Disable two-factor authentication
This is helpful when the two-factor authentication code is forgotten and you need to re-register. Though re-registration is not required for a smooth migration, you may be forced to re-register if the backup and restore fails for some unknown reason.
Install a new setup
(360Dialog) We will set up your new WhatsApp Business API client.
Stop the running instance
This causes a downtime for messaging so please coordinate with your 360dialog Tech Support Agent to reduce the downtime for clients. Please only stop the instance which includes the Docker containers of the Coreapp, Webapp and Master; do not delete the instance or database. We will check Meta Business manager to make sure the WhatsApp Client is offline.
Restore the settings in the new setup
We will log into the new instance and perform a restore on the new setup. The new WhatsApp Business API client should be running with all the required information and ready for messaging. Re-registration of the WhatsApp account is not required if the settings are backed up and restored properly. At this stage, the stack state will be Running.
Configure webhook URL on new instance
We will set your callback URL.
Obtain an API-KEY for the new setup.
When we restore the setup, the client will be able to log into the 360 Client Hub and get theD360-API-KEY for the instance.
Health check
We will perform a quick health check to make sure everything is working.
Optional: Restore contacts
If you require your contact list restored, please provide your contact list data (UTF-8 format, without structures (INSERT only)) to your 360dialog Tech Support Agent.