Partner FAQ
This section tries to replicate questions we very often hear from potential partners.

What is a Business Solution Provider (BSP)?

Facebook/WhatsApp calls accredited partners BSPs. All official BSPs can be found in the Facebook Business Partner Directory. Companies became BSPs by going through an accreditation process and have to accept Terms provided by Facebook. There are >60 BSPs for the WhatsApp Business API worldwide (updated 16.07.2020).

Why should a partner choose 360dialog?

360dialog is the only WhatsApp BSP focusing on API-only. This makes 360dialog the perfect BSP for providers of chatbots-solutions and inbox-solutions, as 360dialog is not competing with their businesses. Since the 360dialog API looks exactly like the original WhatsApp Business API, developers can use the original specifications of the WhatsApp Business API and do not need any proprietary documentations. The scalable SaaS pricing guarantees long-term partnerships.

What is new for BSPs since July 2020 for third party providers?

Facebook required from its BSPs to sign extensions to the original Facebook Terms for WhatsApp Business API. In addition to the original terms, Facebook requires BSPs to disclose all so-called Company ISVs (in fact they are BSP ISVs, Facebook’s definition of Company ISV follows) or Client ISVs (definition of Client ISV follows). Also, all Clients of BSPs have to sign special WhatsApp Client Terms and have to disclose so-called Client ISVs to their BSP and to Facebook.

Which kinds of ISVs are relevant for Facebook?

Facebook expects two kinds of ISVs to be disclosed by the BSPs or their Clients, Company ISVs and Client ISVs. Client ISVs can only be disclosed with the support of the Clients.
  • Facebook defines Company ISVs as an ISV engaged by Company to perform services on behalf of Company and/or its Clients in connection with Company and/or its Clients’ use of the WhatsApp Business Solution.
  • Facebook defines Client ISVs as an ISV engaged by a Client to perform services on its behalf in connection with that Client’s use of the WhatsApp Business Solution. For clarity, Client ISV does not include any ISVs that access a Client’s messages after such Client receives such messages (i.e., Client, not its Solution Provider, passes the messages to such third-party business).

Are partners of 360dialog required to be reported to Facebook as a Company ISV or Client ISV?

Based on Facebook’s definition “any ISVs that access an End Client’s messages after such End Client receives such messages (i.e., End Client, not its BSP, passes the messages to such third party business)” are not meant to be a “WhatsApp Client ISV”. As a TPP (whether partner of 360dialog and/or partner of the Client) gets the messages forwarded only from the Client (and not from 360dialog) after the client has received them (implemented by our API Key system), our partners are not Client ISVs as defined by Facebook. As our partners do not act on behalf of 360dialog in relations to the use of the WhatsApp Business API, these partners are also not Company ISVs.

Is it a privilege for a Solution Provider to become a Company ISV?

We cannot give neither a positive nor a negative recommendation to any Solution Providers (neither our partners nor partners of our clients) to become a Company ISV or Client ISV. Future Facebook accredited Company ISVs or Client ISVs must be aware of the obligations followed by becoming an official “Facebook Client ISV for WhatsApp” or “Facebook Company ISV for WhatsApp”. These Facebook ISVs agree with Facebook on 1. Audit Rights, 2. Migration Obligations, 3. No Resale, 4. Other Restrictions (i.e. Client or Company ISV must not: resell the WhatsApp Business Solution; hold yourself out as an agent; use FB’s or WhatsApp’s trademarks, logos, slogans; use or access the WhatsApp Business Client; charge a fee for using the WhatsApp Business Solution). In addition being an Company ISV of one BSP does not give the right to act as a Company ISV to other BSPs.

Will the Client be able to use the same 360dialog API access key with several partners?

The 360dialog API does not support the handling of more than one Solution Provider with the same API key, yet this feature is planned in the future.

What happens if the same API key is used in other partners' applications?

Last application “wins”. When used with several Solution Provider, only one of them will be able to send messages or get messages forwarded after the Client received them.

Will 360dialog track anything, like which IP sends requests from this key, etc.?

No, 360dialog will only track volumes of template messages, the rest will be tracked only through Facebook.

Will 360dialog track to which partner the client gave an access key?

No, 360dialog does not track to which partner the client gave the access key.

What is the invoicing process for partners?

Please email [email protected] for more information about the invoicing and payment process.
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