Account Management

This documentation explains how to start the submission process and the setup of your accounts with the Hub API.

Add a WhatsApp Number

  1. Kick-off the submission process by adding a WhatsApp Number to 360Dialog

  2. This creates a Client and WhatsApp Account with the given WhatsApp Number.

  3. After adding the number to 360Dialog, our customer success team will start to review your request and we will continue with the submission process.

Please contact the 360dialog customer success team via in case you have questions.

Update WhatsApp Profile (Coming soon)

After the number has been set up, the company profile will be configured. Please add the following information:

  • About-text (up to 255 characters) which is shown instead of "Hey I'm using WhatsApp"

  • Logo (JPG or PNG with at least 120x120px)

  • Business address

  • Business description (to help Facebook and customers to understand what you are doing)

  • Business category or vertical (to help Facebook to categorise the service, e.g. Automotive see full list)

  • Contact email

  • URL to your company website

  • Default language (ISO 639-1, in which you are communicating with your users.)

Receive status updates via Notifications

While the submission process is running, we provide you with detailed feedback about specific status updates related to your submissions. These status updates will be available via email and later also via a Webhook Callback URL.

Request API-Key for WhatsApp API

Our WhatsApp API is secured by an API-Key. Use this endpoints to request and receive API-Keys.