This documentation explains how to get access to the Hub API.


Before you are able to access any protected resources via the API, you will need to present a valid Bearer Token in the header of all requests when using the Hub API.

Please contact the 360dialog customer success team via to receive your username and password, with which you will be able to generate a token using the authentication endpoint.

Get Authorization Token


Method, Endpoint & Header
Method, Endpoint & Header
POST /v1/token
Content-Type: application/json
"username": "YOUR_USERNAME",
"password": "YOUR_PASSWORD"

You will receive a response with your access, as well as how long the access token will stay valid for. Always keep this token secure and only communicate with the API via a secure, HTTPS connection.


"access_token": "****",
"token_type": "Bearer",
"expires_in": 86400

When making subsequent requests include this token in the headers in the format

Authorization: Bearer <YOUR_TOKEN_GOES_HERE>

If you do not include the token or do not follow the correct format, your request will fail.