This documentation describes how you get access to the WhatsApp API.


Every request to WhatsApp API needs to be authorized using API Key authentication. Adding D360-API-KEY header with your api key as a value is enough to gain permission.

Every API Key is connected with exactly one phone number. We authenticate and choose the rigth project by your API Key. So, if you want to switch between the projects you need to authorize your requests with other API Key.


$ curl -H 'D360-API-KEY: <<api-key>>'

How can I get the API-KEY?

To get your API-KEY, please use the WhatsApp API-Key Endpoint provided within the Hub API


If you do not include the token or do not follow the correct format, your request will fail.

Also make sure to:

  • safely store and manage your API-key and use it only for server-2-server authentication.

  • ensure that you always use the corresponding API-key when you deal with multiple configurations. A mismatch could lead to inconsistent data!