WhatsApp Business API FAQ

Is the WhatsApp Business API GDPR compliant / How is GDPR compliance guaranteed?

For European businesses storage and processing (decryption & encryption) of user data (according to the GDPR) needs to happen within the EU to be compliant with GDPR. 360dialog’s services include WABA docker hosting in the country the business requires it. As e.g. many Russian Customers require hosting in Russia, 360dialog is the right partner also for them with hosting in the Yandex cloud. Above all: In contrary to other BSPs 360dialog does not store any decrypted messages.

How does WhatsApp API and WABA hosting work technically?

Messages are encrypted between the WhatsApp App on a users’ smartphone through the WhatsApp data centers until it reaches docker containers hosted by an official Facebook Business Solution Provider (BSP) like 360dialog. Only in these dockers the decryption takes place. The dockers are installed in a highly redundant and multi-connect environment.

Which information is required for opening a WhatsApp Business Account (WABA)?

The following information is required to register a WABA:

  • Facebook Manager ID

  • Phone number with the ability to receive either voice or SMS

  • Business Name & Display Name

  • Company logo (square JPG, min 300x300 px)

  • Company description (max. 130 characters)

  • Postal address of the company where utility bills go to

  • Contact email where customers can reach the business

  • URL (end-point) to which incoming WhatsApp messages will be forwarded (typically provided by a 360dialog partner)

For further Q&A, please read the WhatsApp FAQ on Facebook for developers