Auto-renew settings

Auto-renewal allow you to set a threshold to Balance and avoid interruptions in the service caused by lack of funds
Auto-renew settings need to be set individually to each Phone Number

How to find the Auto-renewal settings

From the main Menu > Insights & funds > scroll to the bottom of the Page

How to change the Auto-renewal settings

The Auto-renewal has 3 different settings
  • Off – Your funds will not be automatically renewed. You have to add funds manually whenever your balance runs low in order to continue to engage in paid conversations.
  • Manual – Auto-renewal is turned on and will automatically renew your funds based on a threshold and a renewal amount that you set manually.
  • Smart – Smart auto-renewal sets your threshold and amount automatically based on your previous month(s) conversations and trends in costs.
You can change the settings in the Auto-renewal settings, clicking in the Auto-renewal buttons

How to change Auto-renewal amount and threshold values

Click in Manage Funds button, select the Phone Number and choos Change auto-renewal settings for this number
In case of your credit card limit is below the Amount, if the Threshold has been reached, the Balance will not be renewed and the service will be interrupted when the balance reaches 0.00
Having any questions about the described functionality, please, contact our Customer Support.