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A short step-by-step guide to sending and receiving messages with the 360dialog WhatsApp API.

In order to communicate with the 360dialog WhatsApp API, you need your D360-API-KEY, which is used for authentication against our platform.
Each registered WhatsApp phone number has its own D360-API-KEY.

To receive notifications for in- and outbound messages, you have to set a webhook URL, that we use as a destination for all notifications belonging to you WhatsApp phone number.
If you only want to test sending messages, you can skip this step and continue with 3. Check Contact Availability

When sending messages via the 360dialog WhatsApp API, you cannot use a phone number as recipient. Facebook requires to look up the wa_id , which is used as the only valid destination identifier, for each phone number you want to send a message.
At this step you will also receive the information of whether the phone number has a valid WhatsApp account or not.
Only wa_id's with status valid can receive messages.
If you receive ‘processing’ status, use blocking=wait param? The request will take longer but result will be 'valid' or 'invalid'.
An 'invalid' Phone Number can become 'valid' through correct formatting. Please make sure you follow Formatting Guidelines.

If you got a valid wa_id, you can start sending messages.
If this wa_id did not sent a message to your WhatsApp Business Account within the last 24 hours, you can only reach this number with a template message.

In case you have set a webhook URL as described in step 2. Set Webhook URL, you will have received a Outbound Message Status Notification for your test message by now.
There are several other types of notifications. Learn more about webhooks.
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Prerequisites & Basic Setup
1. Retrieve API Key
2. Set Webhook URL
Send & Receive Messages
3. Check contact availability
4. Send a message
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