TPP Submission Process

See below for our Third Party Provider (TPP) Whatsapp Submission Process.

1. Submit account information

We have added a new WhatsApp Business Account submission form. This form must be used by clients to submit new WABA accounts. You (the TPP) may assist your clients when filling out the form, but you must not submit this form on their behalf. Clients must submit the form themselves.

In order to track which clients have been referred by which TPP, the URL contains a specific unique referral_id. By inserting your referral ID at the end of the URL, we can track clients that submit the form using the link you have sent them.

WABA submission form can be found here:

Please send this referral link to clients.

To make a new submission you will need your TPP referral_id. If you do not know your id, please contact

2. Accept the T&Cs

Once a client has submitted the account information, on the next screen they will be prompted to accept the terms and conditions.

When the T&Cs have been accepted and submitted we can start the review process.

3. Accept Messaging On Behalf & Business Verification

Clients must accept the "Messaging On Behalf" request in their Facebook Business Manager. They must also must upload documents to verify the business with Facebook. We will then submit the Whatapp number + display name.

4. Number registration

We will send the client a link via email which you can use to register the WA number by receiving a 6 digit PIN code via Phone Call or SMS. When a number has been successfully registered, we finish the technical setup

5. Access & Go Live!

We will issue the client an API Key, namespace and template_ids Using the API key clients can set a webhook URL, update WA profile information and start sending messages.