High volume accounts
Accounts with high volume of simultaneous messages need more complex infrastructure to allow for seamless process of these messages. To increment an account's infrastructure, we can add more cores (or shards), which increases its capacity of processing higher messages simultaneously. Each extra core has a specific price.
Please note that the standard setting does not impede messages from being sent or received above its capacity - these messages will only take longer to arrive.

Webhook response

For the messages to be sent and received without delays, it is important to check how long it takes for your webhook to respond to requests. For responses above 80 milliseconds, there could be delays unrelated to 360dialog's structure.
If you can’t decrease the response time of your webhook but is experiencing issues, please get in touch with our support team.
Please use the following table to understand the number of cores recommended according to the volume of messages of this account.
Messages per second
Recommended number of shards
Less than 20
Less than 60
Single instance, no upgrade needed
More than 20, less than 30
More than 60, less than 90
More than 30, less than 40
More than 90, less than 120
More than 40, less than 55
More than 120, less than 165
More than 55, less than 70
More than 165, less than 210
More than 70, less than 120
More than 210, less than 360
More than 120, less than 150
More than 360
Please note that 150 is the maximum number of messages that WhatsApp can process per second. When this number is achieved, you will get an error message saying that the system is overloaded.
To request an account upgrade, please get in touch with your main point of contact or file a ticket with our support team.

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