WhatsApp Update - 20May2021
Business Verification document updates for certain countries

Business Verification document updates

It has been noted by both WhatsApp and 360dialog that the Facebook Business verification process tends to slow down businesses in getting started. Many businesses get stuck when it comes to uploading documents, as they don’t know which documents will be accepted in their country.
WhatsApp is now providing a list of acceptable documents for business verification in many major markets (Brazil, China, Cyprus, France, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, UAE, Ukraine, UK, US) so businesses can submit the right documents on their first try, thereby reducing total time required for verification.
In the future, this list of documents will also be available as part of the business verification in-product flow.

List Messages & Reply Buttons launch

With API client v2.35, launching next week, we will introduce two new interactive messaging features: List messages and Reply buttons. These features provide a simpler and more consistent format for people to find and select what they want when speaking with a business’s chatbot on the WhatsApp API. We expect these features to replace text-based numbered lists for API business’s chatbots. You will receive more information about these features next week.
List messages: A structured message with up to 10 options, or where additional context is required per option (using the dedicated description line). We expect this to work well for many use cases, for example appointment booking or handling user queries quickly and efficiently.
Reply buttons: A structured message with up to 3 options where each option is a button, people can make a selection in just one-tap. We expect these features to work well for quick responses such as Yes / No answers, or selecting from previously saved addresses when choosing a delivery address.

Template review for media message templates

As a reminder, templates will be rejected if WhatsApp does not know what goes into a specific parameter. This especially applies to media message templates, which is why we strongly encourage media messages to be submitted with a sample. Please look into our Template Messaging documentation, or see here for additional guidelines for correct formatting for templates and adding samples during the creation process.
Last modified 4mo ago