WhatsApp Update - 27May2021
Interactive messaging features now available with API v2.35
With the v2.35 of the On-premises API, WhatsApp made two new interactive messaging features available: List messages and Reply buttons.
These features provide a simpler and more consistent format for people to find and select what they want when speaking with a business’s chatbot on the WhatsApp API. It is expected that these features replace text-based numbered lists for API business’s chatbots.

What are these features?

List messages: A structured message with up to 10 options, or where additional context is required per option (using the dedicated description line). It is expected that this feature works well for many use cases, for example appointment booking or handling user queries quickly and efficiently.
Reply buttons: A structured message with up to 3 options where each option is a button, people can make a selection in just one-tap. It is expected that this feature works well for quick responses such as Yes / No answers, or selecting from previously saved addresses when choosing a delivery address.

Key benefits from this update

User Comprehension: During testing, people had higher comprehension levels, and lower dropout, when interacting with chatbots using these features than text-based lists.
Business Outcomes: During testing, chatbots using these features achieved significantly higher response rates and conversions compared to those that are text-based.
Populated Dynamically: Populated in real-time and so can be personalized to the customer or situation. For example, you can show a list message of available time slots for booking an appointment, or use reply buttons to show previous delivery addresses.
No Templates: Interactive Messages do not require templates or pre-approvals.

How can I access these features?

To get started, please read the developer documentation for additional information.
At the API level, interactive messages are set by specifying a message’s type to interactive and adding the interactive object.
Generally, these messages include 4 main parts: header, body, footer, and action.

When will these features be available to 360dialog customers?

Between May 31st and June 3rd, 360dialog will be upgrading the WhatsApp Business API Client to the latest version (v2.35.2).
List messages and reply buttons will be available once the upgrade is complete.
There will be no noticeable downtime of the accounts, and no lost messages.
Please refer to official WhatsApp documentation and the changelog for more information on the new features and deprecations of the new WhatsApp Business API Client version.
Last modified 4mo ago