Team Inbox

How many users can I add to one inbox?
Up to 10 users can be added without any additional charges.
Is the inbox really free?
As long as you are using 360dialog WhatsApp Business API, you can use Team Inbox with 5 seats at no additional cost.
Can I create groups of clients, like I can group users on personal WhatsApp app?
No, this is not possible. This functionality doesn't exist in WhatsApp Business API, so we cannot offer it.
How do I edit contacts in's inbox?
At this point, editing contacts in the inbox isn't possible. Contact information is synced through integrations (for example, Hubspot) or can be managed with Google Contacts integration.
How do I delete or archive converations in the inbox?
At this point, this functionality is unavailable. It is on's roadmap and should be available soon.