Our Zapier integration allows your Team Inbox to interact with thousands of third-party applications. You can create actions in these applications by reacting to messages sent or received in the team inbox. You can also send messages using the Team Inbox when specific events occur in these third-party applications. The integration also supports the exchange of information - for example, you can deliver the contents of the message received in Team Inbox to Gmail, should you implement integration between them.

You can use our Zapier integration with a free Zapier account. However, every time the integration triggers is counted as a task, and if you use up all the tasks available in the free version, the integration will stop working. Keep an eye on the counters.

Integration options

You can read on how the system works. We will not dive into it; we'll mention that Zaps consist of triggers and actions.


Triggers are activities that happen in a certain app that Zapier is monitoring. Monitored activities in are:

  • Assigned chat (when a chat is reassigned)

  • Get New Incoming Messages (any incoming message)

  • Get New Outgoing Messages (any outgoing message)

Once a trigger happens, Zapier can trigger an action in another app.


Actions are activities in a certain app, which are triggered by Zapier when a Zap is triggered. Currently, our integration supports one action:

  • Send a WhatsApp Message

When something happens in a trigger application, Zapier sends a WhatsApp message in WhatsApp Team Inbox.

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