Our Hubspot integration allows you to manage communication with your clients directly in the CRM without using other applications.

After a simple process of integrating the Team Inbox with Hubspot, its functionality will be available to you directly in the Contact Record View.

360dialog integration app is available for free in Hubspot's Marketplace.


  1. Look up the 360dialog app in Hubspot's Marketplace. Click on the app and click the button "Install app"

2. Another tab will open with your admin area on You should click on a stack that holds the active Team Inbox you wish to integrate

3. Confirm the integration.

4. Confirm the access to your Hubspot account, which requires to function.

That's it. You are done!

Using the integration

You can open a conversation with your contacts right in the contact record. You will find the integration in the bottom right corner of the screen.

After you click the "Display the chat" button, your Team Inbox will open.

You can use it exactly as you would on the Web version - you can send template messages or session messages, search the conversation messages, reassign the chat or tag it the way you see fit.

Don't forget that the customer needs to opt-in first for you to be able to send them a message.

Enabling WhatsApp messages in the Activity tab

WhatsApp messages can be set to appear on Hubspot's "Activity" tab. This feature makes it very convenient to quickly go through the WhatsApp correspondence history without actually loading the WhatsApp window.

By default, the WhatsApp messages will be hidden, and we will have to activate the filter that reveals them.

That's it. Once you tick the checkbox, the WhatsApp messages will appear in the Activity tab.

Using Hubspot workflows with 360dialog integration

Incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages can be used to trigger Hubspot Workflows. While setting up a new Workflow, choose the trigger you need to start the Workflow.

Currently, our integration allows using WhatsApp events for triggers only. You cannot use it to execute actions, such as sending a message. This functionality will be available in the future.

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