WhatsApp Inbox Configuration

Configure the inbox to your needs
get.chat WhatsApp Team Inbox boasts a rich set of functionality and settings. Here we explain them and how to use them to your advantage.
Once you get into settings, you see his page. On the left, you see the list of settings. On the right, you will see the options and configurations of the selected setting.

Bulk messages

This is where you can see all the bulk messages you've sent. Here's how to send them.

Business profile

This section can be used for editing WABA's business profile information. Currently, the following information can be edited:
  • Business Address
  • Business Description
  • Email address
  • Business Vertical
  • Business photo

Media files

Here you will find a list of all media files uploaded into the WhatsApp Team Box through the web app, mobile app, or the integration API. You can delete them manually in this section.
By default, you have 4GB of space for your media files. The files are deleted automatically (oldest first) when the free space is exhausted.


Here you can control the permissions of both users and integrated apps (apps appear as users in get.chat). You can set read and write permissions and decide whether a certain user can use tags.

Plugin storage

List of enabled plugins and the storage they consume. You can also empty the storage if you wish.


In this section, you can check and manage the connected integrations, and their status, and you can add additional integrations.

Rule Engine

For information on Rule Engine, please click here:

Saved responses

Here you can save responses you frequently use in customer conversations. Once you do, you can send them quickly during an Inbox conversation. You can add them here and in the web app.


Tags help you set statuses and groups for users and messages. For example, when you tag a certain message, you can apply certain rules to it.

User groups

You can allow five users access to WhatsApp Team Inbox (talk to us if you need more). For your convenience, you can group the users according to their areas of responsibility or for any reason you like. You can create user groups, set their group-specific permissions, and assign users to them.


Here you can add, edit or delete users. You can add and remove them from Groups and set their tags.
Reminder: integrations also appear as Tags.

WABA webhooks

Webhooks allow communication between different apps for real-time exchange of notifications. Here you will find Webhooks to different apps connected to get.chat. For one WABA account, you can only set one webhook, but our solution allows you to split the incoming Webhook in multiple directions. This way, we can have one WABA channel communicating with multiple apps.