Auth and Base URL

Getting Started

In order to get started with the Signals API you need 360dialog Partner Hub login credentials.

Login Credentials

All requests to the API are secured by a Bearer Token, which can be obtained by providing a username (email) and a password. For this, you can either use a personal user account or set up a system user specifically for the API tasks. Make sure you have this information at hand when starting to work with the Partner API.

Base URL

The default base URL for the Signals API is followed by the path-specific endpoint.

A mock server for Signals API is available in:


Endpoints of this API need to be accessed by providing a Bearer token in the Authorization header. To get the API key, refer to our Authorization documentation.

Important! Make sure you use HUB Base URL prefix for authorization.

Signals API doesn't support /token endpoint

Once token is received, use this access token in your authorization header:

"Authorization": "Bearer <your-access-token>"

And use it for all requests to Ads & Measurement API.

Manage Signals before configuring tracking keywords

You can manage the tracking of Signals API by using the following endpoints:

Important! Make sure you use HUB Base URL prefix for Activate/Deactivate APIs.

Signals API doesn't support /partners endpoint

It must be first enabled before configuring tracking keywords on the next steps:


POST /partners/{partner_id}/clients/{client_id}/channels/{channel_id}/enable_ctwa


POST /partners/{partner_id}/clients/{client_id}/channels/{channel_id}/disable_ctwa

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