Managing your clients

In the 360dialog Hub

Please note that all information here will be available both in the 360dialog Partner Hub and 360dialog Client Hub.

See clients

As soon as you enter the 360dialog Partner Hub, under the WABA tab, you will see one card for each channel/phone number submitted.
A short summary of the account statuses and information are available in this card, as well as immediate actions required from the client. For more details, you can click the Show details button.
After clicking in Show details, you also can see other account management features in the tabs such as the Template Message Manager and the Insights and Billing options.


You will be notified of any changes in your client's accounts statuses in the Hub notifications.

Export client data

The 360dialog Partner Hub allows you to download a CSV file with data pertaining to all accounts connected to you. In the CSV you will find the following information on your clients:
  • Company legal name
  • WhatsApp number
  • Contact email
  • Account activation statuses:
    • Message on behalf
    • Meta business verification
    • Number registration
You will find the download button on the top right corner of the WhatsApp Accounts Page:

Request cancelation of a Client's account

In the 360dialog Hub, only Client users can request account cancelation. Partners can request cancelation of channels via the Partner API.

Add team members as users to your 360dialog Partner Hub

Your 360dialog Partner Hub has a Users tab. To add more team members as users, click on the Add user button.

In the 360dialog Partner API

Get list of clients

To see the 360dialog Client Hub accounts associated to your Partner Hub, you should use the Get partner's clients endpoint.
Get list of clients associated to your Partner Hub

Get client's balance

The WhatsApp Conversations usage is always related to the 360dialog Client Hub, regardless of the number of channels.
This endpoint will only retrieve information for clients registered with direct payment.
Get balance of Client Hub for clients with direct payment

Change number of channels allowed by client

The maximum number of channels allowed per 360dialog Client Hub is 10. You can increase or decrease this number with the Update Client endpoint.
Update client maximum number of channels

Get list of channels

You can retrieve detailed accounts statuses through the 360dialog Partner API. This can happen with the get partner's channels endpoint.
Get channels available in your Partner Hub

Use filters to get information about specific channels

If you need to get the phone number or other information based on the Channel ID (which you get from the permission callback), you can add filters to the request:
/partners/{partnerID}/channels?filters={"id": "{channelID}"}

How to understand the status of a channel

hub_status indicates the current status of the account. The options are:
  • live
  • sandbox
  • pending_deletion
  • draft
  • unregistered
  • done (Classic Signup accounts only)
  • pending (Classic Signup accounts only)
Other detailed pieces of information are:
  • if account_mode = live the account is live and ready to use
  • if app_id exists = channel was not terminated
  • if terminated_at exists = channel is pending deletion
  • if app_id and terminated_at do not exist = channel is in draft
Will be deprecated - only valid for partners that used Classic Signup
In order to check the status of a specific channel, two different methods are required depending on the channel version.
Version 1 = Submitted through Classic Signup (which is deprecated, so it's only valid for old accounts)
The overall status of the channel can be found via the status field for each individual channel within the partner_channel array. A channel is live and running if the status is ready.
Here, the options are:
  • created: the account was created but the number wasn't registered (see number registration)
  • unverified: the account was not approved in the Commerce Policy review
  • verified: the account was approved in the Commerce Policy review
  • certificate_declined: display name was rejected
  • new_name_requested: display name was changed and is waiting for approval
  • ready: the number was registered and the API key can be generated
  • error: any other errors
Version 2 = Submitted through Embedded Signup
The decisive field for the channel status is the account_mode field. A channel is live and running if the account mode is live. Statuses from the channel.status field can be ignored.

Request cancelation of account

You can request the cancelation for an account via the Partner API.
Set cancellation request on a channel

Check if the WABA is connected

Make a GET call to this node to retrieve the status of a WhatsApp Business API client.
Please do not call this endpoint more than once every 5 minutes, as the health status is cached and refreshed only every 5 minutes. If your phone number is disconnected | uninitialized or unregistered - create a ticket with our Support Team and we will assist you to get the number reconnected.

Check the number that is associated with a specific API Key

Make a GET call to this endpoint to verify the number that is associated with an API Key.
Check Phone Number

Webhook events for notifications

You can see how to start receiving webhook events to notify your internal team and your clients in this specific document.