What are conversations?

Every 24-hour conversation is charged by Meta. You can find more information about 360dialog charges here and more about conversations here.

​Conversation-based pricing changed on June 1, 2023. From June 1, conversations are priced by the category of your message template (service, marketing, utility, or authentication).

Please see Meta's Official Pricing Change Documentation to see details about it.


The Balance feature is only enabled for Direct Billing Customers.

The Funds page displays your account's current total Balance, in the selected currency on your Business Manager.

The Balance breakdown allows you to see the Balance per Phone Number.

By hovering the donut with the pointer, will be displayed the percentage of each Phone Number balance in the total amount.

In case of your credit card limit is below the Amount, if the Threshold has been reached, the Balance will not be renewed and the service will be interrupted when the balance reaches 0.00

Auto-renewal of funds

You can set an auto-renewal to increase your funds automatically if your account balance goes below a set amount to avoid interruptions in the service caused by lack of funds.

The Auto-renewal has 3 different settings

  • Off – You have to add funds manually whenever your balance runs low in order to continue to engage in paid conversations. If your balance reaches zero, we will automatically recharge your account to the minimum threshold to prevent outbound message blocking.

  • Manual – Auto-renewal is turned on and will automatically renew your funds based on a threshold and a renewal amount that you set manually.

  • Smart – Smart auto-renewal sets your threshold and amount automatically based on your previous month(s) conversations and trends in costs.

How to change the Auto-renewal settings

You can modify the auto-renewal settings either at the bottom of the Insights page. From there, you can directly set the auto-renewal threshold and amount, as well as enable or disable the auto-renewal. Or by clicking on the Manage Funds button.

Auto-renew settings need to be set individually to each Phone Number

You can add Funds with the Manage funds feature by clicking on the Manage funds button.

Manage funds

Clicking on this button will open the window to Add funds. Change the auto-renewal settings of your Phone Numbers or refund the pre-payment balance in case of cancellation.

  1. Select the Phone Number to which the Balance will be added;

  2. You need to choose between:

    • Add funds with a one-off charge. Use this if your Phone Number balance is 0.00 and no auto-renewal threshold was set.

    • Change the auto-renewal settings so all the next auto-renewals of the Phone Number will use the current settings

    • Refund account funds

Add funds

Whenever needed, you can add funds to your balance directly in the Client Hub.

First select the phone number which you want to add funds to. On the same page, you can select if these funds will be one-time only or you can set up auto-renewal settings, so you don't need to worry about your balance in the future.

Funding Delay Adding funds can take up to 30 minutes so we recommend that you enable Auto-renewal and set up the threshold that triggers an auto top-up.

After clicking on Continue to next step, you go to the Estimate costs screen, where you define how many Conversations you want, and with this information, the Client Hub present to you an estimation of the costs.

  1. First, select how many business initiated Conversations you are planning to create

  2. Then, select how many user initiated Conversations you are planning to have

  3. The 360dialog Client Hub will display an estimation on how much will cost to achieve that numbers of Conversations, plus Transactions fees, at the bottom of the modal

On the last step, you go to Confirm checkout, where you can check the Cost breakdown, where the Amount due will be presented.

If you have chosen Add funds to this number with a one-off charge on the first step:

You can review the Amount and by clicking on Submit and pay now, the selected amount will be charged on your Credit Card and counted towards your balance immediately. Or you can change the values in the previous step.

If you previously chose Change auto-renewal settings for this number:

You will review the Amount due and by clicking on Submit changes, the selected amount will be charged from your Credit Card at the next time your balance falls below the threshold value. You will be charged on your Credit Card and counted towards your balance immediately if your balance falls the threshold value. Or you can change the values in the previous step.

Costs estimation

Based on your planned usage we can estimate the total costs of your conversations per billing period.

However, WhatsApp pricing varies by country and therefore the costs per message can only be estimated.

For more information please check WhatsApp's pricing.

Refund unused funds

If a number is canceled and there is pre-payment balance left, there are two ways to request refunds in the 360dialog Hub:

  • In the Details page: The Refund button is available under "Billing Information" when the balance amount is above 0 and the number is enabled for pre-payment. If the balance is less than 0, you will see the Add funds button.

In Manage Funds feature: You can refund a number's funds via the Manage funds button, choosing the phone number, and selecting the action "Refund account funds":

Important Considerations for Refunds:

  1. Double-check before initiating a refund: Before processing a refund, make sure to select the correct account and confirm that it is indeed the proper number to be refunded. Once a refund is processed, it cannot be reversed.

  2. Refunds are created per the most current payment: meaning the refund will have the most recent payments transaction (fully or partially) depending on the current channel's balance amount and the latest billable conversation.

    1. Example: If you request a refund and have not had any billable conversations since the last payment was made, you will be refunded the balance amount, including the payment processing fee. However, if you have had a billable conversation after the latest payment, you will only be refunded the positive balance amount, excluding the payment processing fee. A credit note will be created for the corresponding last paid invoice.

  3. Refunds are limited to individual numbers: It is not possible to issue bulk refunds to multiple accounts or numbers at once. Each refund must be processed on a per-number basis and on a number-level.

  4. Refunding is not immediate, it might take up to 48 - 72 hours for refunds to be completed. We kindly request your patience during this period. If the refund takes longer than expected, please feel free to get in touch with our Support Team for assistance.

Refund Examples

Example 1: You paid 55€ and had no conversations after the payment, the refund would be the full payment amount of 55€.

Example 2: You paid 55€ (e.g. 50€ + 5€) and had conversations costing 5€ after the payment, the refund would be 45€, which is the remaining balance.

Example 3: You made multiple payments (e.g. 10€, 20€, and 30€) and the current balance is 25€, the refund would be the latest payment of 10€, and a partial refund of 15€ for the 20€ payment. Refunds are always processed from the most recent payment and onwards, if needed.


How much of the balance is assigned for each phone number?

Balance breakdown is the visual representation of the respective amount of balance you can count on for each of the phone numbers which you prepay conversations for.

It is presented as a list containing all the phone numbers and also as a graph.

How have my conversations been developing throughout the year and what usually is their cost?

You can follow up on the development of conversations every month on the Monthly usage space.

Conversations in the graph can be separated by Free, Paid, and All and if you’d rather you can also filter them by phone number and study particularities one specific phone number conversations can possibly have over another.

This analysis might help you understand better your clients talking preferences according to the different periods of the year like near festivities or during economic hard times, for example.

Through this same reasoning, Monthly usage space will also calculate approximate charges that conversations will cost every month.

Is there a faster and easier way to manage these financial data on a daily basis?

Yes, there is! At the end of the page, you will see a space where you can Manage conversations and finances regarding the prepaid method of your phone numbers, each on a line and there you can also edit info and even add more funds!

What happens when my balance ends? Will I lose conversations?

When the balance is 0.00 or below, you will no longer be able to send messages within a paid conversation. You will be able to receive incoming messages.

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