Ads and Measurement

The 360dialog add-on Ads & Measurement API provides a comprehensive suite to help you optimize your clients' usage of WhatsApp. With this API, businesses can automate key processes, track usage statistics, and receive real-time updates on lead conversion statuses.
Ads and Measurement is an API-first tool to help businesses focus on measurements, collecting data insights coming from these conversations to improve and scale growth. By integrating our API into your platform, you can enhance your product offering with powerful WhatsApp statistics capabilities, providing your clients with valuable insights and analytics, helping them make data-driven decisions to improve their campaigns and increase their ROI.
Its functionalities are even more relevant if combined to Click-to-WhatsApp ads, which can be used to generate leads and start WhatsApp conversations with valuable clients.

How it works?

The Ads & Measurements API is designed to track and measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. It collects data from the Meta Marketing & Ad Insights API and WhatsApp conversation data, structuring it and making it available through the API to be converted into insights.
Sources used for data collection

Holistic View of Tracking Results

You can collect data from conversations and build a conversion funnel by tracking keywords during the lead journey or get data insights from campaigns, for example:
Example of CTWA Lead Conversion Funnel
  • Impressions The number of times an Ad was seen.
  • Clicks
    The number of times an Ad was clicked.
  • Sessions The number of conversations initiated by the people who saw the ad.
  • Engaged The number of conversations that went beyond the first message.
  • Converted The number of conversations that triggered the conversion event defined in the Ads & Measurement.

Lead Path

See the funnel shown above represented in the lead path while interacting with the business.


If the WABA is registered in the on-premise API, the system can only track keywords coming in messages that were sent from the lead to the business. This means that you would need to use Interactive messages to make sure that keywords are also used by the user.
If the WABA is registered in the Cloud API the system can track the keywords coming from the lead and the business.

Prerequisites use Ads&Measurement API

Configure conversion events (keywords or phrases) to track at the channel (phone number) level
Use Architecture and Security article to understand data-structure before app level.
  • Each channel should have an active integration and contain app_id.
  • That means all requests will require app_id parameter (for example, to enable CTWA-tracking, configure it, or read statistics)

Use Cases

After getting familiar with the Ads & Measurement product and its API, partners can explore various use cases to leverage its capabilities. Some potential use cases are:
  • Automate reporting: Partners can use the Ads & Measurement API to automatically generate reports and dashboards for their clients, allowing them to easily track the performance of their ad campaigns and make data-driven decisions.
  • Optimize ad targeting: The API can be used to collect detailed insights into audience behavior and engagement, enabling partners to optimize ad targeting and increase the effectiveness of their client's campaigns.
  • New Facebook Audiences: Clients can create custom or look-alike audiences based on the events tracked and use it to boost the sharpness of their fresh or retargeted Ad Campaign.
  • Streamline account management: With the API, partners can automate various processes of account management, such as adding or removing ad accounts and letting their clients know about status changes in their accounts.

Benefits for Partners

  • Increased Revenue Opportunities: By integrating with the 360dialog Ads & Measurement API, partners can offer their clients advanced ad reporting capabilities, leading to potential growth in revenue for both parties.
  • Improved Customer Stickiness: By providing a more comprehensive and integrated messaging solution through the integration of the CTWA product, partners can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to longer-term relationships and more repeat business.
  • Improved data insights: The API offers a holistic view of tracking results, providing partners with deeper insights into their clients' advertising performance.
  • Competitive advantage: By partnering with 360dialog and integrating the Ads & Measurement API, partners can differentiate themselves from competitors by offering a more comprehensive advertising solution to their clients.
  • Reduced Churn: The deeper the client integrates the partner's system into their business, the bigger the migration barrier it creates for the clients resulting in increased customer retention and reduced churn for the partners.
  • Scalable Data Processing: The 360dialog Ads & Measurement API is built on a highly scalable architecture, enabling partners to process large quantities of ad-related data quickly and efficiently. This means partners can easily handle high volumes of ad traffic, and gain valuable insights into customer behavior at scale.