Partner Hub

The Partner Hub is your main dashboard as a 360dialog Partner. You can access it in

There, you will be able to:

  • Create new WhatsApp Business API accounts and numbers

  • Manage existing accounts associated to your Partner profile

  • Manage your settings and profile

  • Add more users to your Partner Account

  • Connect with our Support team

To see all functionalities of the Partner Hub, go to this specific document.

Understanding if you are logged to the Partner Hub

If, at some point, you registered a phone number with us, you will also have a 360dialog Client Hub account. This is accessed in the URL.

If you registered both accounts under the same email address, you will not be able to access one of them. To solve this, please file a support ticket requesting that the email address of one of the accounts is changed.

Switch Partner Hub accounts

If you have access to multiple Partner Hub accounts, you are able to easily change them by clicking the icon 🔄.

This will only be available if the email address you are logged to is registered as a user in all Partner Hubs.

Add team members as users to your 360dialog Partner Hub

Your 360dialog Partner Hub has a Users tab. To add more team members as users, click on the Add user button.

To delete a user, please reach out to our Support Team.

Manage your Partner Profile

Your Partner account can be managed in the "Profile" section from the left menu.

Profile Settings

When clients are registering a new number from Integrated Onboarding flow or during Migration Processes to your Partner account, your company logo and brand name will be displayed.

You can set your Company logo, Brand Name from Profile Settings page. If you are a Partner with Partner-Payment method, you are also able to toggle the "allow clients to add phone number" configuration.

Profile Preview

You can preview how clients will see your logo and brand name configured above either from Integrated Onboarding flow or Migration Processes.

It's important to note that we do not support white-labeling, meaning that the 360dialog branding will be present throughout every embedded process.

Partner Integration Settings

The Integration tab in your Partner Hub displays your Partner settings, such as Webhook URL and Redirect URL configurations.

It enables you to:

  1. View your Partner ID: Copy button available to fetch your Partner ID easily.

  2. Solution ID: Tech Providers must populate the Solution ID field to allow Account Sharing and Embedded Signup hosted by the Partner.

  3. Partner Webhook and Redirect URLs: Easily review the URLs that have been set for your Integrated Onboarding and Partner Account. You can also set these URLs via API.

  4. Edit and Test URLs: Gain flexibility by editing and testing these URLs to ensure they align with your requirements from the 360dialog Hub interface.

    • Please be aware that whenever you make edits, the previous URL will be overwritten with the new one.

    • Testing the webhook triggers a Hub API endpoint. If an error occurs, it is usually because the configured webhook does not provide a response with a 2xx status code. In these situations, information regarding the encountered error is communicated through a notification.

Webhook URLs or headers for Cloud API does not support "_"(underscore) or ":xxxx"(port)in (sub)domain names.

Invalid webhook URL: Valid webhook URL:

Invalid webhook URL: Valid webhook URL:

  1. Default Hosting Platform Type: Within the same tab, you can check your current Default Hosting Platform Type. This setting confirms that all numbers, whether they're newly created or migrated, are automatically assigned to the designated default hosting type.

As announced in November 2023, Meta is transitioning to a fully Cloud-hosted WhatsApp Business Platform and will stop supporting On-Premise API in October 2025. Starting from On-Premise client v2.53, all new feature updates will be exclusively delivered to Cloud API. While the On-Premise API client will receive quarterly releases, they will focus solely on bug fixes and security patches.

  1. Default Data Storage Region: Use this feature to configure localized storage for Cloud API numbers. You can also use the Partner API to configure these settings.

Once this region is configured, it will be used as default for all Cloud API numbers registered with your Partner Account.

Switch to Cloud API via button

Before you proceed, you will be asked if you wish to keep the Cloud API data storage in the default US setting or set a specific local storage. You can choose the designated option. A pop-up will appear afterwards confirming the changes.

Manage your balance

If you can't see this screen, please file a ticket with our support team and they will enable it for you.

In the 360dialog Partner Hub > Menu > Billing, you can update payment methods, check your balance or download your invoices.

Your current Prepayment balance will appear in the top left of the page. You must have the balance above 0 to keep messaging services. See FAQ Prepayment on Partner Level.

Spent last month

The calculation starts from the latest CBP invoice, includes paid prepayment invoices, and is reconciled against actual usage at each month-end.

Enable Automated Renew

Automated auto-renewal determines your threshold and amount based on your past month's conversations and cost trends. We highly recommend keeping this feature active to ensure you never run out of funds and maintain an accurate funding balance.

Amount Due

If you have open invoices, their sum will appear in the dashboard. Check the Invoices section to reference and settle the due amount.

Billing details

Add your Partner billing details, such as Company Name, Country, Address, etc.

Payment Details

Add your Credit Card details to start sending conversations by clicking in the button.


See your latest invoices record in this section. You can download PDF files and keep track of your spents. In case you have any questions, please reach out to our Support Team.

See the video below:

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