Basic Integrated Onboarding

The Basic Integrated Onboarding allows you to offer a seamless signup experience to clients without advanced development requirements.


Set Redirect URL

See instructions here.

Set Partner Hub Webhook URL and listen to Webhook Events

See instructions here.

If you are using Direct Payment

When using Direct Payment, your Integrated Onboarding experience will show a price detail and payment information page between the Account Creation and Embedded Signup steps.

You will also be required to get permission from the client to be able to generate an API key. The permission can given during the Integrated Onboarding flow or in the Client Hub.

Building the Integration

Step 1: Ensure requirements are met

See requirements here.

Step 2: Implement the 360dialog Connect Button

The 360dialog Connect Button triggers the Integrated Onboarding flow.

Partners can implement it using our React Node.js package. If you want to build a custom flow by using your preferred framework, please see Custom Integrated Onboarding.

We have built a demo tool so you can practice on how to use and configure the 360dialog Connect Button and how to consume the associated redirects.

Install and add the 360dialog Connect Button via our package or through your Partner application and follow the instructions on NPMJS:

To use the ConnectButton component of the 360dialog-connect-button package the redirect URL needs to match the route that has the button integrated.

If you have multiple Partner Hubs (one for Partner Payment and one for Direct Payment, for example), you can create different buttons for each Hub and show them to users accordingly.

Step 3: Consuming redirect

After the client signed in or up and granted permission to one or multiple phone numbers, your redirect URL is being called with query parameters:

Parameter in query



Client ID


Array of channel IDs, that were being permitted during the last call to the permission page


OPTIONAL In case the client removes permissions to one or multiple numbers during the most recent call to the permission page, the channel IDs of the newly revoked channels will be present in the query

Step 4: Listen to Webhook Events to understand status of the Channel

If the number was successfully registered, you will receive a webhook event indicating a new Channel Created. See details here. This does not mean the Channel is fully live. Other webhook events will indicate the current status of the number.

You won't be able to generate an API key unless the channel status is running.

You can also see the number and details in your Partner Hub dashboard or use the Partner API to retrieve this information.

Step 5: Create API key to start messaging

If you have the permission to do so, you should generate an API Key and connect it to your integration to start messaging with this phone number.

See Partner Permissions for details.

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