Creating Partner Solution

Please ensure you went through our Tech Provider documentation and your app fits all requirements before moving forward with the next steps.

After you've become a Tech Provider with the needed requirements and knowledge (detailed information available here), you can create a Partner Solution with 360dialog.

At the moment, this is only available for Partners using Partner Payment model.

If you are ready to create this solution, please follow the next steps:

1. Create a Partner Solution in your App Dashboard

The App Dashboard > WhatsApp > Partner Solutions panel shows all of your existing partner solutions and can be used to initiate new solution requests.

Navigate to the Partner Solutions panel and click the Create a Partner Solution button.

Complete the flow to initiate a partner solution request.

Solution Details

The Solution Name should always have:

  • Your Company name

  • Your Partner ID (see how to retrieve it here): each Solution will work with only one Partner ID, so choose the most appropriate one if you have multiple

360dialog's app ID is 307713669880953.

The request should have the exact same terms as shown in the next image.

2. Add Solution ID to your Partner Hub

Log in to your Partner Hub and access the “Integration” Tab. Click the edit button on the right side of the Solution ID row to add your ID. Please be aware that this button is only available if your default hosting platform type is set to Cloud API.

Please also make sure that you’ve set your Partner Webhook URL as well as Redirect URL.

Your Solution will only be approved after you have added the ID in your Partner Hub. Without an approved solution, you will not be able to onboard WhatsApp accounts with your own Embedded Signup.

The Solution ID allows us to share WABAs with you as a Tech Provider. After you add it to your Hub, even WABAs created via Integrated Onboarding will be associated with your Business Manager.

Managing and Messaging

As a Tech Provider, you will be able to use the direct Meta APIs for managing this WABA and phone number. You will also receive the webhooks of received messages of these numbers.

To send messages, you will always have to use 360dialog's endpoints.

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