How to become a Partner

Want to become a 360dialog Partner? Follow the step by step below.

Step 1. Signup / Create Partner Account

To become a 360dialog Partner, you can use our new Partner Onboarding flow to create a Partner Account.

You will be asked to input information about your company and receive a confirmation email.

Ensure to add acronyms or use distinct email addresses for different Partner Hubs.

Step 2: Confirm your payment settings

We offer two payment options: Direct Payment (when the client pays for their license fees and conversation fees directly to 360dialog) or Partner Payment (when the Partner is responsible for paying on behalf of all clients. This option requires a valid credit card).

See our Pricing documentation.

Once you start the onboarding process, you can the choose the currency for charges and your Partner Billing terms.

Payment method selection screen
Payment method screen for Partner Payment accounts

You can create multiple Partner accounts, each with distinct billing terms. For example, you can have a Partner account billed in euros using Partner Payment, and another billed in dollars using Direct Payment. Remember, each Partner Account is assigned a unique partner_id and must be managed separately.

Accounts using Partner Payment must add a valid credit card and maintain a sufficient balance to cover any incurred charges for registered numbers. Conversely, accounts with Direct Payment are billed directly through the Client card. See our Pricing documentation.

For businesses in Europe, adding the VAT ID is a required additional step. This can be done during the Partner Onboarding flow.

Step 3. Access Partner Hub / Get your Partner ID

When your Partner Account is created, click on the Continue to my Partner App button to access the 360dialog Hub to start onboarding new numbers.

You can also use to log in to your Partner Hub account with the newly credentials.

Partner ID

The Partner ID is an unique ID that will be used for most API actions.

The easiest way to find your Partner ID is to log into the 360dialog Partner Hub on your browser and go to the "Integration" section.

You can alternatively check the URL in the address bar of your browser. The Partner ID follows after the /partner/ parameter and can easily be identified by its PA suffix, see the image below.

To understand more about the Partner ID and credentials, see the Architecture and Security documentation.

Partner Hub

See our specific documentation to learn how to use your Partner Hub.

Step 4: Use Sandbox to test messaging

We recommend utilizing the sandbox environment to understand how messaging works.

See our Sandbox Documentation.

Step 5. Choose which Signup to use

You can choose between Integrated Onboarding, Signup Link, or, if you are a Tech Provider Partner, you have the option to host the Embedded Signup and onboard clients.

Please refer to our documentation for guidance on how to create accounts.

pageHow to create accounts

Step 6. Integrate with Messaging API

After you onboarded your first number you can start using the Messaging API.

Refer to our documentation to learn how to send and receive messages.

pageMessaging API

Step 7. Manage your clients accounts

Once you onboard accounts, you can use either the Partner Hub or the Partner API to manage your clients.

In the Partner API

pageUsing the Partner API to manage Clients and Channels

In the 360dialog Partner Hub

pageUsing the Partner Hub to manage Clients and Channels

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