How to create accounts

Once you have a Partner Hub Account, there are different options for you to create Client Accounts and register WhatsApp Business API accounts and numbers.

You can read more about them below and in the specific pages. The flowchart below summarizes the options available.

With your Partner ID, you can generate an unique Signup link which can be used by Clients to create their accounts and register their WABAs and phone numbers. Generate your Signup link here.

Even if you are not implementing Integrated Onboarding, it is important to make sure that your Redirect URL and Webhook URL are set.

Integrated Onboarding

Integrated Onboarding is a 360dialog solution that allows clients to create and add numbers to their WhatsApp Business Account. You can use the basic IO setup or customize it however you need.

To see the full documentation about Integrated Onboarding, navigate to the specific page:

pageIntegrated Onboarding

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