Hosting type Change (On-premise API to Cloud API)

What is the difference between On-premise API and Cloud API?

Historically, there is two different hosting options for a WABA: On-premise API (hosted by 360dialog) and Cloud API (hosted by Meta). See the difference between them here.

Please be aware that API responses and parameters can be different depending on the hosting type. Please check the Differences between Cloud API and On Premise API for Partners.

As announced in November 2023, Meta is transitioning to a fully Cloud-hosted WhatsApp Business Platform and will stop supporting On-Premise API in October 2025. Starting from On-Premise client v2.53, all new feature updates will be exclusively delivered to Cloud API. While the On-Premise API client will receive quarterly releases, they will focus solely on bug fixes and security patches.

Hosting Type Change Process

To migrate a WABA from On-Premise API to Cloud API, please refer to our step-by-step instructions:

Preparation Checklist

Before migrating a number, it's important to go ensure the following:

  1. Your Partner Account is enabled for Cloud API See what this is and how to enable it here.

  2. The number is connected and registered under On-premise hosting

    Confirm that the phone number is connected and registered under On-premise hosting type. Disconnected numbers need to be reconnected before changing hosting type.

    The hosting type change itself will not require registration (receiving OTP), but if it was triggered when the number wasn't fully connected, it will fail.

  3. Access to 360dialog Hub

    The process is handled in the 360dialog Hub. No public endpoint is available to change the hosting type through the API yet.

  4. Access to last API Key generated or to generate a new one

    In Cloud, only the most recent API Key will work. To ensure everything goes smoothly after migration, we strongly recommend that you generate a new API Key.

  5. Prepare for possible downtime The migration time process can take from 5 to 60 minutes. You should expect downtime during this timeframe.

Number migration process

In the 360dialog Hub > Details page for any number, there is a property "Hosting Platform Type".

From there, you can launch the Cloud migration assistant.

Your request will be processed. You either wait for it to be done or close the pop-up. You will receive a notification in your Notification Center whenever the migration is completed.


After the number is migrated, the Hosting Platform Type will appear as below:

The migration time process can take from 5 to 60 minutes. You should expect downtime during and after this process.

After the migration:

Please refer to Differences between Cloud API and On-Premise API for Partners and Messaging API documentation for more information.

Schedule bulk migration

If you wish to change the hosting type of more than 50 numbers at once, we can help. Please submit this form to request bulk migration.

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