360dialog accounts structure

360 Partner Hub

Using the 360 Partner Hub, you will be able to track all your clients' WhatsApp Business Account information including activation status updates and phone numbers.
This is the home screen of the 360 Partner Hub. Here you will be able to track all of your clients' accounts.
Each number connected to your account can be seen in a folder like this:
By clicking on the "Show details" button, you will get an overall view of the complete status of the account.

Generate API key

The Generate API key option is only available in the 360 Client Hub. Partner users do not have access to this button, only clients.
To have access to your client's API Keys, you need to setup a permission flow. See how to do this here.

Understanding if you are logged to the Partner Hub or Client Hub

As a Partner, you should have access to the 360 Partner Hub.
If, at some point, you registered a phone number with us, you will also have a 360 Client Hub account.
If you registered both accounts under the same email address, you will not be able to access one of them. To solve this, please file a support ticket requesting that the email address of one of the accounts is changed.
It is important to understand the difference between them and when you are logged into each account, since the URL is the same (, but different functionalities will be available.

Page title

When you are logged into the Partner Hub, there is always a "Partner: " title in the top left.

Profile Icon

In the bottom left of the page, there is the Profile option. When you are logged in a Partner Hub account, there is always a small "P" in the profile icon.

Switch Partner Hub accounts

If you have access to multiple Partner Hub accounts, you are able to easily change them by clicking the icon 🔄.
This will only be available if the email address you are logged to is registered as a user in all Partner Hubs.

360 Client Hub

Every time a new client submits an account, they will have access to their 360 Client Hub.
It is mandatory that the client registers the account under their own email address and Business Manager. The use of the 360 Client Hub, though, is optional.
If you use the Partner API, you can manage the client's accounts and give them management options in your own software.