Using the Partner Hub to manage Clients and Channels

See channels / numbers

As soon as you enter the 360dialog Partner Hub, under the WABA tab, you will see one card for each channel/phone number submitted.

A short summary of the account statuses and information are available in this card, as well as immediate actions required from the client. You can click in each card and you will enter the WABA management app for that number.

For more details, you can click the Show details button.

If you have permissions, you will be able to Generate API key from the WABA management app for that number.

Manage specific number

After clicking in Show details, a new page will open (with a new URL) showing the management options for this phone number in the WABA.

Generate API key

To generate an API key on behalf of the client, they must give you permission to manage their account. Permissions are standard based on payment type of the account, meaning:

Direct Payment channels

  1. Partners must request permission to Manage accounts via Integrated Onboarding by calling the /permission screen.

  2. Not Permitted Partner users have "Generate API Key" button greyed out.

  1. Clients can manage the API permissions of the Partner anytime accessing the 360dialog Client Hub → click on their profile in the top Menu → “Partner” → The current permissions will be listed and can be edited.

Partner Payment channels

  1. Accounts onboarded under the Partner Payment type have permissions shared by default.

  2. When Partner has Permission, Clients see the Generate API Key button greyed out with the message "API keys are disabled for this number. The number was shared with your integration partner. With your permission the partner has access to the WhatsApp Business API on your behalf. To manage permissions go to “Organization Settings” or contact your partner."

Please note that for the permission flow to function properly, you must have a Redirect URL set in your Partner Account. If the Redirect_URL is not set, the system will use as the default.

See how you can request permission of new and existing clients here.

pageIntegrated Onboarding

How to check Partner Permissions

You can check if the client has given you permissions by accessing the 360dialog Partner Hub → Manage Account → Details → WhatsApp Channel → Partner API Key Permission. Displays "Shared" whether the permission to retrieve an API key for this number was shared with the Partner, or displays "Missing" if not shared yet.

Whatsapp Channel

Phone number: Shows the phone number registered in the WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp Display Name: Shows the Display Name of the WABA.

Messaging Limit: Shows the current Messaging Limit of the WABA.

Quality Rating: Shows the current Quality Rating of the WABA.

Hosting Platform Type: Indicates if the Hosting Type of the number.

Partner API Key Permission: Displays "Shared" whether the permission to retrieve an API key for this number was shared with the Partner, or displays "Missing" if not shared yet. See how you can request permission of new and existent clients here.

Whatsapp Business Account

WhatsApp Business Account Name: Shows the Business WABA Name.

WhatsApp Business Account Type: Indicates if the WABA is registered OBO (On-Behalf-Of) aka. Classic Signup or Shared (Embedded signup) model.

Timezone ID: Shows the WABA's TimeZone.

Facebook Business Manager ID: Shows the Facebook Business Manager ID.

WhatsApp Business Account ID: Shows the Whatsapp Business Account (WABA) ID.

Namespace: Shows the Namespace of the WABA.

Commerce Settings

If the WABA is Shared, you can manage your Catalog visibility by toggling the buttons in the 360dialog Client Hub. See Product & Catalogs.

If you have OBO model, please contact our Support team and we will enable it for the account.

Request cancellation of a number subscription

As per Meta security guidelines, only the client (WABA account owner) can request account deletion. Partners can assist clients through this process but should never go through it for them. If needed, the client can always cancel their subscription directly in the 360dialog Client Hub.

Alternatively, if you wish to stop being responsible for a particular subscription, you can select the "Cancel payment on behalf of the client" button in the Danger Zone in 'Client Details' section of the 360dialog Partner Hub. Once requested, we will stop the subscription charges and allow the client to pay us directly if they wish to. The cancellation rules explained in the Cancellation document will still apply normally.


You can perform the following actions in the Templates Section:

  • Monitor current approval status, content and categories of all templates

  • Create and preview new template messages

  • Edit Templates

  • Copy and Delete templates

  • Add different template Languages

  • Sync templates with Facebook Business Manager.

By clicking on "Add Templates," the tool to generate new templates will be launched.

See Template Messaging.


You can update the WhatsApp Business Profile info from the Hub.

The "Business Description" appears right below the profile picture associated with your WhatsApp number. This allows you to provide a concise and engaging overview of your business for those who view your profile.

The "About text" you provide for your business is displayed beneath your WhatsApp number in the end of the profile section. You can share information about your company or any other relevant details as the "footer" of the profile.

See WABA Profile Info.


The Balance feature is only enabled for Direct Billing clients.

On this Page, you can view the approximate charges for the WhatsApp Business account. Clients are able to manage their funds from this page.

Refund unused funds in case of cancellation

If a number is canceled and there is pre-payment balance left, there are two ways to request refunds in the 360dialog Hub:

  • On the Details section: The Refund button is available under "Billing Information" when the balance amount is above 0 and the number is enabled for pre-payment. If the balance is less than 0, you will see the Add funds button.

  • On the Insights page: You can refund a number's funds via the Manage funds button, choosing the phone number, and selecting the action "Refund account funds":

Important Considerations for Refunds:

  1. Double-check before initiating a refund: Before processing a refund, make sure to select the correct account and confirm that it is indeed the proper client to be refunded. Once a refund is processed, it cannot be reversed.

  2. Refunds are created per the most current payment: meaning the refund will have the most recent payments transaction (fully or partially) depending on the current channel's balance amount and the latest billable conversation.

    1. Example: If the client requests a refund and has not had any billable conversations since the last payment was made, they will be refunded the balance amount, including the payment processing fee. However, if the client has had a billable conversation after the latest payment, they will only be refunded the positive balance amount, excluding the payment processing fee. A credit note will be created for the corresponding last paid invoice.

  3. Refunds are limited to individual numbers: It is not possible to issue bulk refunds to multiple clients or numbers at once. Each refund must be processed on a per-number basis and on a number level.

  4. Refunding is not immediate, it might take up to 48 - 72 hours for refunds to be completed. We kindly request your patience during this period. If the refund takes longer than expected, please feel free to get in touch with our Support Team for assistance.

Refund Examples

Example 1: If the client paid 55€ and had no conversations after the payment, the refund would be the full payment amount of 55€.

Example 2: If the client paid 55€ (e.g. 50€ + 5€) and had conversations costing 5€ after the payment, the refund would be 45€, which is the remaining balance.

Example 3: If the client made multiple payments (e.g. 10€, 20€, and 30€) and the current balance is 25€, the refund would be the latest payment of 10€, and a partial refund of 15€ for the 20€ payment. Refunds are always processed from the most recent payment and onwards, if needed.


You will be notified of any changes in your client's accounts statuses in the Hub notifications. You will also receive these notifications in your Partner Webhook.

Export client data

The 360dialog Partner Hub allows you to download a CSV file with data pertaining to all accounts connected to you. In the CSV you will find the following information on your clients:

  • Company legal name

  • WhatsApp number

  • Contact email

  • Account activation statuses:

    • Message on behalf

    • Meta business verification

    • Number registration

You will find the download button on the top right corner of the WhatsApp Accounts Page:

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