Migrate number from Meta or alternate BSP to 360dialog

This process works if the current account is using On-premise or Cloud API.

Note that once Cloud is enabled in a Partner Hub, every new number (created from scratch or migrated) will be automatically hosted in the Cloud API.

As announced in November 2023, Meta is transitioning to a fully Cloud-hosted WhatsApp Business Platform and will stop supporting On-Premise API in October 2025. Starting from On-Premise client v2.53, all new feature updates will be exclusively delivered to Cloud API. While the On-Premise API client will receive quarterly releases, they will focus solely on bug fixes and security patches.

What is Number Migration?

Number Migration means that a phone number that is already registered for the WhatsApp Business API can be moved between WhatsApp Business Accounts.

This process allows businesses to change BSPs (Business Solution Provider) or move their number to a new account. It is possible to migrate a number between accounts only if the source and destination Business Manager IDs are the same.

After being migrated, a phone number keeps its display name, quality rating, messaging limits, Official Business Account status, and any high-quality message templates previously approved.

If you are migrating an account with a high volume of messages or a high number of accounts, we can help ensure everything goes smoothly. Please contact our Support team.

What is moved with the number?

Template Messages and chat history migration Only the high quality message templates are migrated on this process. In practice, they are copied to the destination WABA. These templates do not need to go through review again and can be sent immediately. Low quality, rejected, or pending templates are not migrated. Any existing message templates in the destination WABA will not be overwritten. Message and chat history are not migrated with this process.

Catalogs Catalogs are not migrated with this process.

Billing Migration Messages sent before migration are charged to the source BSP. Messages sent after migration are charged to the destination BSP. Messages sent from the source, and that are not delivered before migration, are still charged to the source BSP when they get delivered.

Official Business Accounts (Green Badge) Official Business Accounts (OBAs) can be migrated between WABAs. The only requirement is that the two-factor authentication needs to be disabled during the migration process. It can be re-enabled after the number is migrated.

Prerequisites for Migration of Numbers

A valid WhatsApp Business Account and access to the phone number

  • The client must be able to receive and verify a 6 Digit PIN Code through SMS or Voice Call.

  • The WhatsApp Business Account connected to the number to be migrated must be verified by Meta. Accounts not live for any reason cannot be migrated.

  • Two-Factor Verification must be disabled for the number.

The client or the existing BSP must disable 2FA. The 2FA can and should be disabled without also removing the entire deployment or deleting the number.

Meta rules state that the BSP cannot delay or difficult the disablement of 2FA or the migration process at all. If this happens, please report to us and we will escalate the case to Meta.

Admin Access to Business Manager

  • Meta Business ID of the number to be migrated.

  • The client must have ownership of the Business Account.

Preparation checklist

Before migrating a number, it's important to go through the following checklist:

  1. Admin Access to Meta Business Manager You must have Admin access to the FBM Account.

  2. Meta Business Manager is verified Your Meta Business Manager must be fully verified.

  3. Website listed in the Meta Business Manager is valid and live Meta checks if the Website listed in the Meta Business Manager > Business Info section is correct and live. If it isn't, the account will be offline after the number is migrated.

  4. Phone number access You must have access to the phone number to receive a 6 Digit PIN Code via SMS or Phone Call.

  5. 2FA Disabled You must check and confirm with your old BSP that Two-Factor Verification (2FA) is disabled on the existing WhatsApp Business API Client.

🇧🇷 Extra step for Brazilian numbers: Check in your current WhatsApp profile if the number registered has the extra 9 or not. When migrating the number, it should look exactly the same as the current profile.

How to start the migration

If the client does not have a 360dialog Client Hub account

To migrate numbers of new clients, you should use your unique Number Migration Signup link, which is available inside your 360dialog Partner Hub, under the Share signup form button.

Any numbers submitted through this form will be linked to your 360dialog Partner Hub.

The first page of the form will create a 360dialog Client Hub account for this client. The client will then be redirected to log in the created account to continue with the process as explained below.

If the client already has a 360dialog Client Hub account

The client needs to access their 360dialog Client Hub and select the option right next to the Add number button:

The client will be asked to input the phone number to be migrated, as well as the Meta ID that owns the number:

If the client already has a 360dialog Client Hub account, the process will start from number 3.

1. Submit Account details

The number migration process starts with the client submitting their company details.

Note that the first page of the form will create a 360dialog Client Hub account for this client. If the client is already registered, they must Log-in and use the "Import from another BSP" button, as mentioned previously.

2. Proceed with migration in 360dialog Client Hub

Once the account is created, clients will be prompted to log in to the 360dialog Client Hub and continue from there. When users log in, they will be able to access the tool for the migration.

3. Create a new WABA or connect an existing one

In the 360dialog Client Hub, the client must enter the phone number to be migrated, and they can either create a new WhatsApp Business Account (WABA) or migrate the number to an existing account.

When a client decides to create a new WABA, they can initiate the process by selecting the appropriate option. This will activate the embedded signup feature, where they need to follow the steps outlined below to successfully create a new WABA.

The following steps will create a WhatsApp Business Account (WABA), which can then be used as a target account for the existing number to be migrated to.

Note that this process may undergo some difficulties along the way due to various reasons.

We are actively working alongside Meta to improve the overall experience during the number migration process. If you need assistance while creating an new WABA, don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Team.

To create an Whatsapp Business Account, follow these simple steps through the Embedded Signup process:

Step 1: Fill in the Business information

The client must select from creating a New Meta Business Account or use an existing Meta Business Account.

During this step, ensure to select the appropriate Meta Business Account. It is possible to migrate a number between accounts only if the source and destination Business Manager IDs are the same. Please refer to Whatsapp Accounts Structure.

Step 2: Create a WhatsApp Business Account

In this step, the client will have the following options:

"Choose a WhatsApp Business Account"

All WABAS currently associated with the Business Manager ID provided in the previous step will be available for selection.

To create a new WABA, choose the option to "Create a new WhatsApp Business Account" and complete all the required business details in the next step.

Prefer to use clear and distinct WABA names to avoid mistakes. Take note of the existing WABA ID and Name before creating a new one for easy differentiation during the migration steps.

Step 3: Create the new WhatsApp Business Profile

If the client chooses to create a new WhatsApp Business Profile, select the option "Create a new WhatsApp Business Profile" and complete all the required business details on the next screen.

Step 4: Exit the Embedded Signup process

Click Next and once the WABA is created, you can close this page and return to the 360dialog Hub migration feature.

4. Find the newly created WABA and copy the ID

See how to find the new WABA ID here. If you can't find the new WABA, the process has failed. Please try creating it again. If you still encounter issues, please contact our support team for help.

5. Continue migration through the 360dialog Hub

Return to the Migration Screen and select the checkbox "I have just created the business account as the previous steps indicated".

For this process to work, the WABA must be newly created and not older than 48 hours.

6. Verify ownership of the number

Once the client provides the new WABA ID, we'll prompt them to verify their phone number. They will receive a 6-digit PIN through SMS or a phone call.

7. Generate API key

After the phone number is successfully migrated, permissions will be defined by default.

If you have Direct Payment, the client must give permissions to manage the number, and you will be able to generate the API key to send messages with the number migrated to 360dialog.

If you have Partner Payment, you should have permissions to manage the number automatically.

See Partner Permission to Generate API Key.

Number Migration Support

To ensure minimal downtime while migrating your number to 360dialog, we offer special Number Migration Support.

Please reach out to our support team via chat or creating a ticket to schedule a session.

Important: make sure you have everything ready from the migration checklist before booking your call.


During the migration process, a few errors might occur. Here is how to solve them:

"This number is already connected to an existing WABA"

This error may occur when adding the number to be migrated in step 3 verification screen. A new WABA should be created anyhow. If you face issues, try using a dummy number. For further help, please reach out to our Support team

"Two-factor authentication not yet disabled"

See our documentation about

"This phone number is eligible to be added directly, and does not need to be migrated. Please go to the 360dialog Client Hub and add it as a new number"

This means that you should not use the migration form to register this number. Please follow the process listed here instead.

"The phone number you are trying to migrate has already been moved to your destination WhatsApp Account. Please log in to the 360dialog Client Hub to continue."

This means that the number is already available in 360dialog. You can use the 360 Client Hub to manage it.

"The source and destination WhatsApp Business Accounts need to represent the same business. Please use the same Business ID as before when submitting the number for migration."

This means that the Meta Business ID sent in the form is not the same ID that currently manages this account. Please check the Business Manager and/or the old BSP dashboard to confirm which Business ID manages this WhatsApp account.

Click here to understand more about the WhatsApp accounts and IDs.

"Something went wrong when trying to migrate your phone number. Please try again after some time. If that does not work, please contact our support via the 360dialog Client Hub."

This means that an unexpected error occurred. Please reach out to our Support team with the information about this number and account so we can investigate accordingly.

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