Create Ads lookalike audience based on WhatsApp events

Getting Started

Enhance your campaign qualification process by consolidating the leads and phone numbers obtained from interactions with your tracked Ad using Signals. Next, upload this data into a lookalike audience segment in your Ads Manager to improve your Ads marketing strategy.


  1. Ensure that you have 360dialog Signals and Measurement enabled on your account

  2. Have tracked events with at least 100 hits/count

Export Leads Dataset


To export leads data, go to the Signals page, click the Signals button for your Ad, find the tracked keyword, and under "Export all data", click "Manage" and select "View Leads".

After clicking, a prompt will download the lead dataset for your records to your browser. If you have any issues exporting this file, please reach out to our Support Team.


To export lead data, go to the Insights page and choose the timeframe and number. You can always refer to the "Download Icon/Button". An email will be sent to the company containing the list in CSV format.

Step 1: Connect a new Data Source to your Events Manager

Select "Offline" and choose "File Upload". Upload the downloaded file obtained in Step 1.

During the setup process, be sure to pick a name that's easily recognizable for the subsequent actions.

Step 2: Create Lookalike segmentation

Once you've uploaded the dataset, you should see the newly created data source appear in the left menu.

Following this step, you can either create a lookalike audience using this data source or proceed to create custom conversions and events as needed.

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