Step to Step to move to Cloud API

As announced in November 2023, Meta is transitioning to a fully Cloud-hosted WhatsApp Business Platform. Starting from On-Premise client v2.53, all new features will be exclusively delivered to Cloud API. While the On-Premise API client will receive quarterly releases, they will focus solely on bug fixes and security patches.

This highlights the need for adapting your integration to support Cloud API and changing the hosting type of all numbers promptly.

Follow the instructions below to familiarize yourself with the Cloud API. Once you are ready, you can switch hosting types from the Hub, and if needed, we can assist with migrating multiple numbers simultaneously. If you're interested in this solution, please contact our Support Team.

Step 1: Get Familiar with Cloud API

The Cloud API holds significant differences from the On-premise API. You can check the API specifications in our documentation.

Architecture and SecurityThe Basics (Overview)Messaging API

Step 2: Make sure your integration is ready to support Cloud API

We recommend trying a test number using Cloud API before migrating numbers to ensure your integration works correctly. In case you require any assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Team.

If you are a Direct Client with 360dialog

If you are a Direct Client of 360dialog and are well-known with Cloud API requirements, you can skip to the next step and change the hosting type of your number to Cloud API using the 360dialog Client Hub interface.

If you are a Client with Software Provider Partners

If you are a Client of a 360dialog Partner, it is imperative to confirm that your partner is participating on our Partnership Program, and is ready and enabled to support Cloud API.

If your Partner is not yet prepared, please ask them to consult our Partner documentation. Our support team is available to assist in any coordination efforts.

If your Partner is already enabled for Cloud API, proceed to the next step below to move your number to Cloud API.

Step 3: Change Hosting Type to Cloud API

You can seamlessly move your number to Cloud API from the Hub interface. Refer to our documentation below to learn how to do it. The migration may temporarily take down the number for a few minutes. In case you encounter any issues, please reach out to our support team immediately.

How to move an existing number to Cloud API

If you wish to move an existing number to Cloud API, you can use the 360dialog Hub interface. From there, you can easily switch hosting types and confirm your current hosting model.

Hosting type Change

How to add a new number in Cloud API

Once you migrate a number, all new onboardings will be on Cloud API.

If you wish to onboard a number in on-premise, your Partner must pass a specific API parameter during the signup flow to set the hosting type back to on-premise. If you are a Direct Client with 360dialog, reach out to our support team.

From May 15, 2024, 360dialog will not allow for new numbers to be onboarded with On-Premise API. We will continue supporting already registered On-Premise API throughout 2024, but we strongly recommend to start changing the hosting type of numbers to Cloud as soon as possible.

Step 4: After the migration

  • Make sure you are calling the correct endpoint:

  • Make sure you are using the most recently generated API KEY. Old API KEYs will not work on the Cloud API. It is recommended that you generate another API key after the migration.

  • Use the WABA Webhook endpoint to configure a new Webhook for all Cloud numbers in this WABA. If you don't do so, the Webhook previously set for the On-premise phone number will be used.

If you encounter any issues, please contact our Support Team.

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