Use the top menu selector in the 360dialog Client Hub to select the number you wish to manage.

Each number will have a separate entry and the current status will display in the main page:

The following information is available:

WABA Account Name: Shows the Name of the WABA.

WABA ID: Shows de WABA ID.

Phone Number: Shows the phone number registered in the WhatsApp Business API.

Account Status: Shows the status of your integration. See Account Statuses.

Account Name: Shows the Display Name of the WABA.

Data Storage Regions: Shows the current Data Storage Region setting. This is only available to Cloud API numbers.

Quality Rating: Shows the current Quality Rating of the Phone Number.

Messaging Limit: Shows the current Messaging Limit of the Phone Number.

Manage: You can manage a phone number by clicking on "Manage". Once clicked, the page will be redirected to the WABA management portal with details of each number.

Add a Number

Each additional number added via the 360dialog Insights will be charged accordingly.

ISVs / Partners cannot submit additional numbers on behalf of a Client (Business).

Import from another BSP

You can port a phone number that is already registered in the WhatsApp Business API by clicking on the button. See Migrate number from Meta or alternate BSP to 360dialog Cloud API

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