Conversions API (CAPI)

The Conversions API enables advertisers to send web, app, physical store and business messaging events to Meta through a single endpoint rather than across multiple sources. This consolidation can simplify an advertiser’s tech stack and create a more comprehensive view within Meta Events Manager by using datasets.

This documentation provides guidance for integrating business messaging events to the Conversions API. The benefits of using the Conversions API for business messaging include (but are not limited to):

  • See outcomes directly in Ads Manager reporting: Advertisers can easily understand click-to-message campaign results based on the outcomes that matter directly on Meta surfaces, for example, number of purchases and cost per purchase, rather than conversations started.

  • Simplify data integration: One API to ingest and share data across multiple messaging platforms (Messenger, WhatsApp) and channels (website, app, stores, messaging)

  • Improve partner measurement: Enable click-to-message campaign attribution directly on partner dashboards through Ads Insights API

Why use Conversions API (CAPI)?

Sharing messaging events from business chats can help improve the efficiency of your ads that click to WhatsApp campaigns in the following ways:

  • Measure messaging events in ad reporting. Sharing messaging events with Meta via CAPI allows you to track, measure and understand how these events perform in Meta Ads Manager. For example, you can see the number of purchases and cost per purchase for your ads that click to WhatsApp. This information may help you make more effective campaign decisions.

  • In the near future, optimize performance of Ads that Click to WhatsApp. When you share messaging events that happen in your business chat, Meta can optimize for those events in your ad campaigns. For example, you can share whenever someone makes a purchase after chatting with your business in Messenger. Then, we can optimize your ad campaigns to maximize the number of purchases through messaging. This is only available for Messenger today, but we expect it to be enabled for WhatsApp soon - which means that if you start sharing these events now, your Ad campaigns will be even better in the future.

How to start receiving WhatsApp events in your Ads Manager?

Once CAPI is enabled, we'll transmit the events to Meta, and you will be able to access them directly in your Events Manager.



Starting from December 1st, 2023, once you connect your Ad Account to 360dialog, CAPI is automatically enabled for all numbers in the WABA (applicable to all countries outside of the European Union). This allows you to view and manage your Ad information directly through Meta Dashboard.

If you are in the Europan Union, please reach out to our Support team, providing:

  • WABA ID + Phone number

  • Dataset ID

After configuration

Once CAPI is configured, you'll find these events in the dataset you created or selected while onboarding your Ad Account with us, which is available in the Events Manager. Read more about datasets and the Meta Events Manager here.

This will enable you to access and use Meta's analytics for deeper insights into your WhatsApp Marketing Advertisement directly from the Events Manager and create custom audiences based on this dataset.

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