API Keys

This document describes how to retrieve an API KEY for a number.

Generate API KEYs

After a successful onboarding, the "Generate API Key" button will be enabled depending on the type of onboarding.

360dialog Direct Clients

When you log into the account after the onboarding, the option to generate an API KEY will be displayed in the browser.

For safety reasons, the API Key will show up only once. Make sure to store the key in a safe place before you close the window.

By clicking "Generate API Key" it will revoke any existing keys and create a new API Key.

Partner-generated API KEYS

You must give you Partner permissions so they can generate the API key on your behalf and manage your number/channel.

  • If your Payment Method is set for Partner Payment, your Partner will have permission to manage channels by default.

  • If your Payment Method is set for Direct Payment, you must give them permission manually through the 360dialog Hub.

At any time, you can remove Partner permission in the Settings page to regain access to API Key management.

How to check Partner Permission

You can check your Partner permissions by accessing the 360dialog Hub → Details → WhatsApp Channel → Partner API Key Permission.

Displays "Shared" whether the permission to retrieve an API key for this number was shared with the Partner, or displays "Missing" if not shared yet. To share permissions see details below.

How to Manage Partner Permission

In the Client Hub

You can give or remove permission of a Partner directly in the Client Hub dashboard. To do so, log in to the Client Hub → click on your profile in the top Menu → “Partner” (1) → The current permissions will be listed and can be edited (2).

With Integrated Onboarding

When you are signing up or at any given time, your Partner can trigger the /permission screen of the Integrated Onboarding flow to prompt you to give permission for all or specific numbers/channels. See how they can do this on our Partner Documentation.

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