360dialog Client Hub

The 360dialog Client Hub is a web application that can be used to manage WhatsApp Business Accounts and phone numbers. It can be accessed from the URL below:

Signup options

You have two options to create an account:

  1. Integrated Onboarding Sign up via one of our Integration Partners. Using this method, you must launch the Embedded Signup flow from your Integration Partner's application

  2. Direct Signup Sign up with 360dialog directly

  • About your Company

  • Your Company name

  • Your time zone (Country)

  • Your email address (must not be in use already)

  • Your password

After submitting it, you will receive an email with the OTP code. Paste it in the Signup Page to complete the process.

How to add users to the 360dialog Hub

To invite coworkers to the 360dialog Hub, after logging into your account, go to the Top Menu > Team (Team Management) > Invite a member > Invite.

The user will receive an email invite asking to accept invitation and create a password. To remove a user, please contact our Support Team for assistance.

Login Troubleshooting

If you are having issues logging in the 360dialog Client Hub, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Check login URL

Please make sure you are accessing the correct login URL:


See Differences between 360dialog Client Hub v1 and v2.

2. Log in a private window

Open a private window (Press Ctrl + Shift + n or ⌘ + Shift + n) and try to login with the URL and your email and password.

3. Disable ad blockers and other add-ons

Disable any add-ons and ad blockers on your browser and retry (the ad-blocker may be interfering with the login)

4. Reset password

Your password could be wrong or invalid. You can use the Reset password link below the password field to register a new one.

5. Contact support

If you still cannot log into the Hub, contact us using the form below.

Differences between 360dialog Client Hub v1 and v2

While the underlying functionalities and endpoints remain unchanged, the visual presentation and user experience of our Client Hub have been revamped to enhance user interaction, providing a more efficient way for clients to manage multiple accounts.

The update impacts the 360dialog Client Hub only, giving a more compact and intuitive WABA management interface without affecting its core functionality.

Users can access the new Client Hub version with their Client login credentials.


The 360dialog Client Hub v1 and v2 exhibit distinguishing differences in their structure and organization. In v1, the Hub has no distinction between configurations. Instead, users access a single portal that encompasses all configurations within a unified interface.

In v2, the Client Hub isolates the configurations into two separate pages:

  1. Phone number management: The first page focuses on managing phone numbers, including subscription management, funds management, or handling phone number-related tasks.

  2. WABA management: The second page revolves around managing WABA (WhatsApp Business Account). Within this section, users can access details related to their WABA accounts, manage templates, and update profile information.

In the 360dialog Client Hub v1, users can locate the menu bar on the left side of the page. The menu bar acts as a navigational tool, enabling users to access various sections and features conveniently.

In contrast, in the 360dialog Client Hub v2, the menu bar has been relocated to the top of the page. This repositioning aims to provide a more intuitive and user-friendly experience by aligning with common navigation patterns.

Subscription Cancellation

In the 360dialog Client Hub v1, users can cancel their subscription at the bottom of the WhatsApp Account page, specifically in the "danger zone" section.

In 360dialog Client Hub v2, users can access and take action on their subscriptions within the phone number management page. There has been no change in the subscription cancellation process.

Create new Template

In the 360dialog Client Hub v1, the template creation tool has a limited functionality where users can only visualize templates after inputting the values.

In v2, templates are now previewed on the same page during the creation process. This provides users with a more interactive and efficient experience as they can immediately see how the template will appear before finalizing with variable samples and saving it.

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