Delete Phone Number from a WABA

Deleting a number from a WABA will downgrade the number from the Business Platform and allowing you to reinstall the Business App or Consumer App


  • Only a business admin for the WhatsApp Business Account can delete a phone number.

  • A number can not be deleted if the business has sent paid messages within the last 30 days using that number.

    • If the business has sent paid messages in the past 30 days, you will be redirected to the Insights page showing the date of the last paid message. You will be able to delete the phone number 30 days after this date.

Terms & Conditions As per contractual agreement, only Clients may request a downgrade of a number. Integration Partners may not request a downgrade on behalf of a client.

Downgrade Number Process

This document describes how to delete a number from the WhatsApp Business Platform (downgrade).

To delete a phone number, complete the following steps:

  1. In the Business Manager, go to your Business Settings page.

  2. Go to Settings > Business Settings > WhatsApp Accounts > WhatsApp Manager > Phone Numbers.

  3. From the WhatsApp Manager, find the phone number that you wish to delete. Click on the trash icon under Delete in the upper right.

  4. You may be asked to provide the password for your Facebook account connected to the WABA if the phone number had the status “Connected” previously.

Once a number has been deleted from the WhatsApp Business Platform, it can be used again in the WhatsApp app, or may be registered again in the WhatsApp Business Platform. Note that different rules apply to deleted phones that had been banned by the WhatsApp Business Platform.

OBO WABA - Downgrade Number Process

If you have an On Behalf Of WABA, you will not have the option to downgrade the number from WhatsApp Manager. In this case, you must contact our support team and we will delete the number for you. You also have the option to request deletion during the Cancellation process.

Terms & Conditions Only Clients may request the downgrade of a number. Integration Partners may not downgrade numbers on behalf of a client.

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