You can find your phone numbers and manage your WABAs from the Numbers page.

Use the top menu selector in the 360dialog Client Hub to select the number you wish to manage.

Each number will have a separate entry and the current status will display in the main page:

The following information is available:

WABA Account Name: Shows the Name of the WABA.

WABA ID: Shows de WABA ID.

Phone Number: Shows the phone number registered in the WhatsApp Business API.

Account Status: Shows the status of your integration. See Account Statuses.

Account Name: Shows the Display Name of the WABA.

Data Storage Regions: Shows the current Data Storage Region setting. This is only available to Cloud API numbers.

Quality Rating: Shows the current Quality Rating of the Phone Number.

Messaging Limit: Shows the current Messaging Limit of the Phone Number.

Manage: You can manage a phone number by clicking on "Manage". Once clicked, the page will be redirected to the WABA management portal with details of each number.

Add a Number

Each additional number added via the 360dialog Insights will be charged accordingly.

ISVs / Partners cannot submit additional numbers on behalf of a Client (Business).

Import from another BSP

You can port a phone number that is already registered in the WhatsApp Business API by clicking on the button. See Migrate number from Meta or alternate BSP to 360dialog Cloud API

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