You can find your phone numbers and manage your WABAs from the Numbers page.
Each number will have a unique entry and the current status will display.
  • Phone Number: Shows the phone number registered in the WhatsApp Business API.
  • Account Status: Shows the status of your integration. See Account Statuses.
  • WhatsApp Display Name: Shows the Display Name of the WABA.
  • Quality Rating: Shows the current Quality Rating of the WABA.
  • Manage: You can manage a phone number by clicking on "Manage". Once clicked, the page will be redirected to the WABA management portal with details of each number.
  • Signals: This button is available for 360dialog Direct Clients and Partner Clients in the Regular or Premium Plans. See Signals.
  • Actions
    • Inbox: This button is only visible to 360dialog Direct Clients. It gives the possibility to activate a Inbox Solution.
    • Cancel Subscription: You can cancel your subscription through the 360dialog Insights. Once you submit the cancellation request your number will be queued for deletion in the next 30 days.
      The status of the number will be changed to “Pending deletion”, while the number is in the stage, it can still send and receive messages as normal. The number will be permanently deleted at the end of the current month. At this point, billing will stop and you will not be able to message through the WhatsApp Business API. See Cancellation.

Add a Number

You can add numbers by clicking 'add number' and then Continue with Facebook which will launch the Embedded signup flow.
Each additional number added via the 360dialog Insights will be charged accordingly.
ISVs / Partners cannot submit additional numbers on behalf of a Client (Business).

Import from another BSP

You can port a phone number that is already registered in the WhatsApp Business API by clicking on the button. See Migrate number from Meta or alternate BSP to 360dialog Cloud API