Manage your WABA

After clicking on "Manage" button on the Numbers page, you will be redirected to the WABA Manager with details of your WABA Account.

This information is Read-only. If you want to change any information, please create a support ticket.


If you have Direct Payment enabled, you will find the 'Billing Started' date in the 'Account' section. Below it, you will see the enrolled subscription plan.

WhatsApp Channel

Meta will stop supporting On-Premise API in October 2025. They have also announced that no new features will be launched in On-Premise API from January 2024.

From May 15, 2024, 360dialog will not allow for new numbers to be onboarded with On-Premise API. We will continue supporting already registered On-Premise API throughout 2024, but we strongly recommend to start changing the hosting type of numbers to Cloud as soon as possible. Learn here how to integrate with Cloud API.

How to change a Display Name

You can change the display name of a number directly in the 360dialog Hub.

Meta must review and approve every Display Name change request. Please follow Meta's guidelines for Display Names. Do not request a Display Name change unless it is necessary, as the number of permitted Display Name Changes is limited.

To change your Display Name:

  1. Find the Number for which you would like to change the Display Name.

  2. Click on Show details.

  3. Under Display Name, click Edit.

  4. Input the new desired Display Name.

  5. Click Save - please allow up to 10 seconds for the display name to be changed. When you get the success message you can refresh the page and the display name will be Modified.

When the Display Name is approved, your account will be automatically updated with the new Display Name.

Please allow up to 24 hours for display name changes to be reviewed by the WhatsApp team. If your display name is rejected, please review the Display Name Guidelines and repeat the process again until you get a display name approved.

Edit icon not available

If you can't see the Edit icon on your 360dialog Hub page, this means that another Display Name was already sent and is under review. Please wait a few days to try again.

WhatsApp Business Account

This section shows the status of your WhatsApp Business Account. Please refer to WhatsApp Accounts structure.

  • WhatsApp Business Account Name: Shows the Business WABA Name.

  • WhatsApp Business Account Type: Indicates if the WABA is registered OBO (On-Behalf-Of) aka. Classic Signup or Shared (Embedded signup) model.

  • Message on Behalf Name: Shows the status of the Message on Behalf. See Account Statuses.

  • TimeZone ID: Shows the WABA's TimeZone.

  • Facebook Business Manager ID: Shows the Facebook Business Manager ID.

  • Whatsapp Business Account ID: Shows the Whatsapp Business Account (WABA) ID.

  • Namespace: Shows the Namespace of the WABA.

Commerce Settings

If you have Shared WABA, you can manage your Catalog visibility by toggling the buttons in the 360dialog Hub. See Product & Catalogs.

If you have OBO model, please contact our Support team and we will enable it for you.

Danger Zone

You can cancel your subscription through the 360dialog Client Hub. Once you submit the cancellation request your number will be queued for deletion in the next 30 days.

The status of the number will be changed to “Pending deletion”, while the number is in the stage, it can still send and receive messages as normal. The number will be permanently deleted at the end of the current month. At this point, billing will stop and you will not be able to message through the WhatsApp Business API.

See Cancellation.

Downgrading to App

If you wish to downgrade to the standard WhatsApp App or the WhatsApp Business App - you must log in Meta Business Manager and follow the deletion procedure.

If you have your WABA on the OBO (On-Behalf Of) model - please reach out to our Support Team and we will delete the number for you.


You can perform the following actions in the Templates Section:

  • Monitor current approval status, content and categories of all templates

  • Create and preview new template messages

  • Edit Templates

  • Copy and Delete templates

  • Add different template Languages

  • Sync templates with Facebook Business Manager.

See Template Message Management.

By clicking on "Add Templates," the tool to generate new templates will be launched.


You can update your WhatsApp Business Profile info from the Hub.

The "Business Description" appears right below the profile picture associated with your WhatsApp number. This allows you to provide a concise and engaging overview of your business for those who view your profile.

The "About text" you provide for your business is displayed beneath your WhatsApp number in the end of the profile section. You can share information about your company or any other relevant details as the "footer" of the profile.

See WABA Profile Info.

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