Conversational Analytics for WhatsApp Marketing
360dialog Insights Dashboard is currently available to clients participating in our Beta Program. If you wish to participate in this program, reach out to our Support Team.
Insights is a conversational analytics dashboard designed to optimize marketing strategies on WhatsApp, facilitating business growth. It enables companies to gather and understand valuable data about the performance of their Ad campaigns.
This measurement within WhatsApp conversations marks a new approach to the messaging ecosystem, allowing businesses to accurately assess their marketing budget and campaign effectiveness. It discloses useful reports that were previously unreachable in traditional advertising, where precise user conversion tracking in WhatsApp conversations was challenging.
Insights does not support multiple Cloud numbers in the same WABA (WABA Webhook feature). To use Insights with multiple Cloud numbers, please move them to separate WABAs.
We expect this limitation to be lifted in January 2024.

Key Features

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    Lead Source Tracking: Insights can track how many leads are originating from specific sources. For instance, if you have different Ad types, Insights will show which one is performing better by displaying the number of leads correlated to each source. See Sources.
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    Cost Analysis: We offer native integration with Meta to streamline the calculation of cost-per-lead, ad source investment, and more. This feature provides relevant budget insights and syncs automatically with your Facebook Ads or Campaigns. Not only, you can also manually input the total spend for any type of source, and the tool calculates and displays the total on the dashboard.
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    Events Funnel Tracking: Turn conversations into structured data events, use these events to understand conversation funnels and journeys. See Events.
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    Optimize: Deliver a better conversation experience, and create powerful custom audiences for acquisition and re-targeting objectives. See Downloading Contacts.
We are continually upgrading the capabilities of our tool, with new releases planned to enhance data visualization. This ongoing development assures that businesses using Insights beta stay at the forefront of marketing analytics, and leverage the full potential of WhatsApp as a powerful marketing platform at its.



Conversations are formed by aggregating the messages between the business and the user, over a period of time, about a specific topic. Out tool analyses conversations as a unique aggregate of messages. This means that you will see the number of conversations that incomes from the same source.
A business can have multiple conversations with the same customer.


If you are advertising your product to a broad audience, you may use multiple alternatives to promote your product. The aggregation of conversations is always linked to a specific Source.

Types and direction of sources

There are various types of sources, and they can be categorized based on their direction:
  • Outgoing – the company business sends the opening message
    • Campaigns: Broadcast messages to a targeted audience
    • Custom: event-triggered or transactional notifications
  • Incoming – the personal account sends the opening message
    • Meta: Click-to-whatsapp Ad Campaigns
    • Custom: QR codes, links, ...

Comparing sources

After having identified different sources and the related conversations, you're equipped to assess how each source is performing and compare their results. This comparison is important for understanding which marketing strategies are most effective and how different entry points influence the user journey.
To delve deeper into the user journey post-entry point, consider analyzing each Event and mapping out the subsequent interactions.


Events can be considered as moments or actions in the conversation. You can leverage this tool by reviewing your chat flows to make sure it reflects the exact journey you want the user to make. you can either use events to measure the performance of a flow, a source, or a group of sources, or segment a custom audience to download.

How to define an event

Defining an event involves identifying each step in the conversation flow. For example, if you're selling ice cream, your user flow might include asking about the type of ice cream, flavor choice, and toppings. In this scenario, each flavor choice and the subsequent actions would constitute events.
A company may prompt customers to rate a service on a scale of 1 to 5, aiming to track the number of positive ratings for their analytics:
The source will be the message containing the list with the ratings, and the events are the replies to that message of list items 3, 4, and 5.

Type of Events

There are two different types of Events: Messaging and External Events.
For example, a business places billboard #A in the town center, featuring a QR code that Clicks to WhatsApp, offering a discount for their shoe sale. Simultaneously, billboard #B is set up in a shopping center, featuring a membership card for the shoe store. Insights allow businesses to gain a detailed understanding of the performance of these two sources in the Messaging Event section.
External events refer to conversions that happen outside of a message conversation. In this context, the business with billboard #A aims to determine how many users from that specific source effectively purchased shoes with the advertised discount. To analyze this data they must send a "Purchase" external event to Insights. To collect data associated with billboard #B, the business should send a "Subscription" external event. These two categories serve as a distinction between the types of conversions. You can use them to fit your funnel.

Message Events

Patterns of messages identified in your lead replies within a conversation from the selected sources. They are identified with icons according to the incoming message type:

External Event

Insights attribute external events to your WhatsApp conversations, enabling you to measure your marketing efforts by identifying the source that led to the conversion event in your funnel. External events come in two types:
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    • Example: A lead completes a purchase, such as buying a book, etc.
  2. 2.
    • Example: A lead registers for a webinar, etc.
Sending external events enriches your insights into your funnel marketing strategy with actions handled outside of WhatsApp. Once the events are received, the tool will automatically calculate your Return on Ad Spend (ROA) or Cost per Lead. See How to send External Events to Insights.

How to get access

360dialog Insights Dashboard is exclusively available to clients participating in our Beta Program.
If you wish to participate in this program, reach out to our Support Team.

Manage your Ad Accounts

Manage your company's synced Meta Accounts with 360dialog. Go to 360dialog Client Hub > Menu Dropdown > Ad Accounts.
Use the "Connect Ad Account" button to link a new account and enhance your WhatsApp marketing capabilities with Insights.