How to use Insights

360dialog Insights Dashboard is currently available to clients participating in our Beta Program. If you wish to participate in this program, reach out to our Support Team.

Getting Started

When you first log in to the 360dialog Hub, the Insights dashboard will be available. You must interact with the interface to obtain the results of the analyses.


Make sure you follow the prerequisites to have access to the Insights dashboard

Step 1: Select a date range and a phone number

To analyse and compare results, you must select a period of time and correspondent phone number. All data in Insights will be shown based on this selection.

7D: Obtains Insights with a 7-day retrospective. 14D: Obtains Insights with a 14-day retrospective. 30D: Obtains Insights with a 30-day retrospective. 6M: Obtains Insights with a 6-month retrospective. 12M: Obtains Insights with a 12-month retrospective.

Step 2: Insights will analyse these conversations

Insights will analyse the selected conversations and display the overall results for the selected conversion events, as well as a breakdown for the sources that brought this conversations (traffic) in.

[workaround] Track outgoing sources

In the Beta version of Insights, tracking is limited to incoming sources, which compile messages sent by users identified in conversations. Regardless, we've introduced a workaround that enables you to identify outgoing sources, specifically business messages.

If a company initiates conversations with messages that include button clicks or selectable list items, as illustrated in the example below:

Insights will recognize that these replies are associated with an original outgoing message and display these sources in the Dashboard.

Step 3: Select a conversion event

The suggested conversion event will be selected in the following order:

  1. External Event

  2. Messaging Event

    1. Button reply

    2. List reply

    3. Text reply

Select the event that represents your company's goal. Events can be of two types, depending on where it was triggered:

  • Messaging

    • Where: within the conversation

    • Example: a lead replied with "Yes" to the question of "Would you like to learn more?"

  • External (How to connect)

    • Where: outside of the conversation, but because of it

    • Example: a lead purchased an item in your ecommerce

Read more about Events Types.

External Event

External events are actions that happen outside a conversation, but that can be attributed to it.

Read more about External Events.

Step 4: Check your results

In the source breakdown section, you'll find the list of sources and how they performance:

  • Leads: unique conversations where the selected conversion event was performed

  • Invested: amount invested in the source

  • Converted: conversion rate from conversation started to conversion event

  • Conversion cost: cost per converted lead

Set source name

You can name each source to identify them, and easily export the list of leads. If you see a Meta icon, it means that these leads came from a Click to WhatsApp Ad. Make sure your Ad Account is connected to view the results of your campaigns.

Add Invested Amount

Add the investment on each source so Insights calculates conversion costs and percentages. Click on the pencil icon to edit it.

Sources from Facebook Ads will automatically pull the investment data from Meta.

Sync Facebook Ad Accounts

To integrate Facebook Ads data into Insights, first, ensure that you grant the necessary permissions to 360dialog for accessing your Ads account to enable data retrieval.

Click the "Connect to Meta" button to initiate the synchronisation process. This embedded process establishes a connection to your Ads Account, enriching measurement accuracy. Additionally, it streamlines the saving of time-consuming interactions.

Saved sources from Meta will inherit the name from Facebook's Campaigns and Ads.

See where to manage your Synced Meta Accounts.

Analyse Sources Insights

Ensure you have added the invested amount for accurate cost-related metrics. Make sure to send the External Events using the endpoint above, so the tool can analyse and provide valuable Insights on relevant steps in your conversion funnel.

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If you have any questions about using Insights or want to hear more about its benefits, please feel free to reach out to us. We're more than happy to assist you on your journey.

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