How much does it cost to have a WhatsApp Business API account with 360dialog?
Learn about the 360dialog pricing
360dialog only charges for the monthly license fee per hosted number. All customers also need to pay specific Meta fees that are transferred through 360dialog,
360dialog does not charge any mark-up for Meta fees. Customers and Partners are only billed for the amount that needs to be paid directly to Meta.

Our pricing is based on the monthly license fee per hosted number. Incoming & outgoing WhatsApp Session Messages are always free and unlimited - we never charge any extra cost per session message.
The license fee can vary according to the available bandwidth, since we have higher tier options for customers that exchange more than 10 messages per second, and to partner deal size.
If your account will need to process more than 10 messages per second, please reach out to our support team.
We never charge any extra cost per Outgoing Template Messages, the WhatsApp fees are only passed through.

You only pay for the conversation and can send as many messages as you want in a 24-hour session, even if the customer doesn't respond.
In the Conversation-Based Pricing, WhatsApp Business API conversations fall into two categories that are priced differently:
  • User-initiated, like customer care and general support inquiries
  • Business-initiated, like post-purchase notifications
Details about Conversations are available here.

Government accounts are subjected to different prices. Please see more information here.

360dialog clients can hire a separate Premium Package to have access to Premium Hosting and Support.
Premium Hosting means that the account is hosted in a more stable server with higher SLAs.
When creating a basic account with 360dialog, there will be occasional restarts on your server, which cannot be scheduled, potentially every 24h. During these restarts, the account will have a short downtime.
The restarts are only avoided when using Premium Hosting.
Premium Support is detailed here.

Premium Package is available to clients that pay 49 EUR / USD or more per number per month. Premium Package is offered on a WhatsApp phone number basis.
It is not possible to take Premium Support without Premium Hosting and get a reduced price.
The Premium Package is charged on a month-to-month basis. Month-to-month upgrades and downgrades are permitted.

Clients that pay 360dialog directly have the option to upgrade to a Premium account in their 360 Client Hub, in Details:
Please note that after upgrading the toggle will be frozen as you will only be able to downgrade after 30 days.
If you pay for your WhatsApp Business API account to your Solution Partner, please contact them to request upgrade.
Partners should file a support ticket or reach out to their Growth Manager to request upgrades.

All accounts that pay more than 1000 EUR / USD per month in Conversation-Based Pricing are automatically upgraded to the Premium Package plan with no extra charge.
If a number is upgraded to Premium Package and has less than 1000 EUR / USD in WhatsApp fees for 2 consecutive months, it is downgraded to Standard package.

Accounts with a high volume of simultaneous messages need more complex infrastructure to allow for a seamless process of these messages. To increment an account's infrastructure, we can add more cores (or shards), which increases its capacity of processing higher messages simultaneously.
Please note that the standard setting does not prevent messages from being sent or received above its capacity - these messages will only take longer to arrive.
Standard accounts can process up to 25 messages per second. We have two plans for High volume accounts available: Half-scale (which processes up to 120 messages per second) and Full-scale (which more than 120 messages per second). These plans also include Premium Package.
Please note that the WhatsApp Business API cannot process more than 250 messages per second by default, even with the full-scale setup. Here is the Meta documentation highlighting this information.
An account can only be upgraded and downgraded after a period of 30 days. If you are planning a high volume campaign, for example, please note that you will need to request the upgrade at least 7 days before the campaign is active and will only be able to downgrade after a full month has passed. The upgrade and downgrade processes can generate downtimes, so please also prepare for that.
To know more about prices and request an account upgrade, please get in touch with your main point of contact or file a ticket with our support team.

For the messages to be sent and received without delays, it is important to check how long it takes for your webhook to respond to requests. For responses above 80 milliseconds, there could be delays unrelated to 360dialog's structure.
If you can’t decrease the response time of your webhook, but are experiencing issues, please get in touch with our support team.

Account type
up to 25 messages per second
Regular support
up to 25 messages per second
Premium support
Half Scale
up to 120 messages per second
Premium support
Full Scale
more than 120 messages per second
Premium support
Please note that prices depend on your partner or current contract. Reach out to your main point of contact for more information.
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