Help and Support

Contact Support

You can contact our Customer Support team directly from the 360 Hub.
How to access Help and Feedback in the 360 Client Hub
The Help and Feedback Menu in the navigation bar will present you with four options:
  • Link to the 360dialog Documentation
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • WhatsApp Business API status
  • Contact Support

WhatsApp Business API Status

You can access the Official Status Page of the WhatsApp Business API in the 360 Hub or by following this link.
If you are experiencing messaging problems, please check the WhatsApp Business API status before opening a support ticket.

Contact our Customer Support Team

You can contact our support team directly from the 360 Hub. There are two ways to do this:
  • General support Use this option if you need general support. Click Help and Feedback in the navigation menu.
  • Specific number support Use this option if you need help with a specific WhatsApp number or Account.
    Click on Show details of the number in question. All number information will be pre-filled in the Support Ticket.

General Support

Specific Number Support

Support for Unregistered Numbers

To create tickets about numbers not available in the Hub, please use Other and Number not available options.

Opening Hours & Response Times

Our Customer Support Desk is open Monday - Friday, 2am – 10pm CET. Our General Support first response time is < 24 hours (during working hours).
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