Template Message Management

This document explains how to use the 360dialog Template Manager for for WhatsApp Template Messaging.

Template Manager

The Template Manager supports both text and media templates and has the following functions:
  • Create and preview new template messages
  • Monitor current approval status of all your templates
  • Copy and Delete templates
  • Add different template Languages
  • Allow template category change
  • Edit Templates


Each WABA has it's own set of Message Templates. To access your Message Templates, find the WABA number you would like to add a Message Template to, and click Manage Templates


This is the Template Management home page where you can get an overview of all Templates under your number.
  • Delete Template
  • Replicate Template. Useful for creating variants of a similar template
  • Add different language to a template
  • Edit Templates
  • See Templates Category
Edited templates will be submitted to Meta for approval once in a 24-hour window or up to 10 times in a 30-day window.
The edited version will appear in the 360dialog hub with the "last sync" date, referencing to when it was last submitted. See Meta's Template Editing rules.

Template Verification Process

Template messages must be submitted to Meta for review before they are available to use. The status of this review can be seen by the color of the template language. Please review our tips on Template Messaging before submitting any templates for review.
Templates with a gray background are in draft mode and have not been submitted for review by Meta yet.
Pending Templates have a yellow background. Facebook is verifying the template request. Please wait until more information is given by Facebook.
Your Template has been approved by Facebook and may be used to send Template Messages to your clients.
This Template has been rejected. Please review our Template Messaging docs for help with Template Message approval.

Create a template

To create a Message Template, click on the blue Add Template button in the home page.
When creating your template, you will need to include the following information:
  • Template Name
    • Name can only contain lowercase alphanumeric characters and underscores ( _ )
  • Template Category
  • Template Language
    • Language that the template is written in
  • Allow Template Category Change
    • Selecting Yes to this value will allow Meta to assign whatever category they determine to be appropriate to avoid template rejection due to miscategorization.
  • Template Type
    • Standard (text only) or Media Template

Creating Standard (text only) Templates:

Standard Message Templates only have a BODY section. In order to add a variable, insert {{#}} at the given position, where # represents the variable index, which needs to start at {{1}}
Preview feature with variable insertion

Creating Media Templates

The Media Templates have more building blocks and features. It consists of the following building blocks:
The Header is optional and serves as the title or header of your template. It supports the following:
  • Text
  • Image
  • Document
  • Video
The Body should contain the most important text of your template. Only text is supported.
The Footer only supports text and can be used to provide less relevant information in your template message.
The button adds interactivity to your templates. There are two main types.
  • Quick Reply Button
    • Used for getting quick answers from your client
    • Max 3 Quick Reply Buttons per Template
  • Call to Action Button
    • Used to send your client to a Website or call a Phone Number
    • Max one URL and Phone Number per Template
All Templates require a Body. Headers, Footers, and Buttons are optional.
Example Media Template with Image, Body, Call to Action Button and Placeholder Variables
Important: all media examples must be urls that point to a valid media file.
Visit our Template Messaging and Message Template API pages for more information about creating template messages and best practices.

Sample Templates

For all accounts, WhatsApp already registers a number of pre-approved sample templates. These templates can be used at any time and cannot be deleted.
Sample templates always have sample_ in the name.

Appeal Template Rejections

Rejected Template messages can be appealed via the Account Quality section in Meta Business Manager.

Template Categories

A template message can have three different categories:

Utility templates

Utility templates relate to a specific, agreed-upon transaction and accomplish one of the following: Confirm, suspend, or change a transaction or subscription.
Any template that has a mix of utility and marketing content will be classified as a marketing template.
Confirm or suspend an existing transaction
  • "Your subscription has been renewed successfully!"
  • "Your flight has been rescheduled for tomorrow at 10 AM."
  • "Congratulations! Your purchase has been confirmed and will be shipped out shortly."
  • "Thank you for visiting the doctor, here is your treatment plan"
  • "Your order has been canceled; your refund will be processed in 7-10 days"
Change or update a transaction
  • "You have successfully checked in! Here’s your boarding pass for your flight"
  • "Your order has shipped! It will be delivered on Friday"
  • "Reminder: Your appointment is at 1pm on Tuesday"
  • "Your password was changed"
  • "Your profile was updated"
Account, billing, or payment notification
  • "Here is the monthly statement you requested"
  • "Your payment was accepted” / "Your payment failed"
  • Reminder: your payment is due on Tuesday"
  • "Here is your low-balance warning for account ending in -XXXX"
  • "Your pre-paid balance is low; click here to top up"

Authentication templates

By May 29, 2023, specific requirements will apply to authentication templates. We'll share more information on this topic soon.
Provide an authentication code to the user
  • "{{1}} is your verification code."
  • "{{1}} is your verification code. For your security, do not share this code."
  • "{{1}} is your verification code. This code expires in 15 minutes."

Marketing templates

Marketing templates are the most flexible – they do not relate to a specific, agreed-upon transaction and instead may relate to the business and/or its products/services. These templates may include promotions or offers; welcoming / closing messages; updates, invitations or recommendations; or requests to respond or complete a new transaction.
Any template that has a mix of utility and marketing content will be classified as a marketing template.
Promotions or offers
  • "If you buy 2 or more coffees, you’ll get $5 off!"
  • "Thanks for your order! Use code SAVE20 for 20% off your next order!
  • "Your pre-paid balance is low; click here to top up! Get a 10% bonus with code EXTRA10"
  • "Hey members join us tonight for this event"
Welcoming or closing messages
  • "This is Vinny’s Bakery and we are now on WhatsApp!"
  • "Hello, welcome to our profile on WhatsApp!"
  • "I'm sorry for the delay, my name is XX, how can I help you?"
  • "Thank you, have a good day"
  • "A question for you - how much time are you spending doing your hair?"
Updates, invitations, newsletters, or recommendations
  • "Our store has moved. Come and check us out!"
  • "We will be closed next Monday for the holiday"
  • "Good news! The product you saved is back in stock."
  • "Join us for our upcoming holiday gala!"
  • "Here are this month’s coupons – happy shopping!"
  • "We think you will love this – check out our new ice cream flavor"
Requests to respond or complete a new transaction
  • "Thank you for your order. We’d love your feedback. Please click here."
  • "Forgot something? We kept your items, click to check out"
  • "Your application is waiting for you. Click here to complete"
  • "You missed your recent appointment, tap here to rebook."

Template API Reference

Create Template
"name": "reprehenderit Lorem ad nulla",
"category": "UTILITY",
"components": [
"type": "HEADER", "format":"IMAGE", "example":{
"buttons": [
"type": "in qui magna",
"text": "in magna sint",
"URL": "minim reprehenderit"
"type": "irure non proident laboris amet",
"text": "adipisi"
"type": "dolore deserunt",
"text": "sit qui mollit proident",
"phone_number": "ipsum occaecat laboris reprehenderit"
"type": "Excepteur tempor nisi ad",
"text": "ad eiusmod exercitation id"
"type": "HEADER",
"text": "minim ullamco enim non ut",
"format": "DOCUMENT"
"type": "BODY",
"buttons": [
"type": "sed est in",
"text": "ex dolor Lorem",
"example": [
"dolor dolor"
"phone_number": "tempor sed irure laboris",
"URL": "anim"
"text": "adipisicing id non"
"language": "occaecat cillum aute"
The handle for examples must be a valid URL that points to a valid media file.