Accelerated Onboarding

Accelerated Onboarding (BSP BV-Led) is a new pathway for getting display name verification and messaging limits for trusted businesses in a faster way. If all submitted documents are correct and accepted, businesses can have their messaging limit increased to 1000 messages within 48 hours.

While the Accelerated Onboarding path is ideal for businesses who want to start messaging quickly, it does not allow for OBA (Green Check) requests. To be able to request Green Check / OBA, businesses need to go through the traditional Business Verification.

Since April 2024, businesses that meet message quality criteria and complete the display name review can show their names in chats, without going through traditional Business Verification.


  1. Active 360dialog WhatsApp Business API number: businesses can only submit requests for Accelerated Onboarding after their WABA is already registered and live with 360dialog.

If the WABA is blocked for any reason, the business will not be able to use Accelerated Onboarding.

  1. Business Manager with valid Business information: during this process, we will check if the information present in the Business Manager / WABA matches the documentation provided. If it doesn't, the request will be declined.

Submit Request for Accelerated Onboarding

Step 1. Submit Documents to our Support Team

Once you have gathered all necessary documents, contact our Support Team by submitting a ticket and attach the files for verification.

The information in the Business Manager and WABA needs to match exactly the documentation shared. The documents need to prove the company exists (such as registration documents) and is active (such as utility bill from the last 2 months).

Step 2. Wait for Documents Validation

Our Support Team will validate the documents and ensure that the provided information is sufficient. We will submit the request to Meta for accelerated review.

Approval of documents by the 360dialog team does not guarantee verification. Meta makes the final decision.

This onboarding process can take up to 48 hours.

Step 3. Monitor Webhooks and Support Ticket

You will receive a response from our Support team in the same ticket.

If all submitted documents are correct and accepted, you will receive the phone_number_quality_changed webhook indicating the higher messaging limit (1K) and the display name visible after review.

See our Webhook events and notifications documentation for more details.

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