Meta Business Verification

From October 31, 2023, all 360dialog clients will not be required to go through Business Verification to have access to higher messaging tiers or have Display Name shown in conversations. Read more about this in our Messaging Limits and OBA documentation.
For 360dialog clients, Business Verification is not required. Going through this process is optional for clients. This guide shares best practices for businesses that choose to go through this process for specific reasons.

Preparation for Business Verification

To increase the company's chances of being verified by Meta, it is important that:
  • The company's website is active, with SSL, and is complete, containing the company's name, address, and phone number, which matches the one provided by the Business Manager
  • The account email is from the same domain as the company's website provided in the documentation
  • If the verification will be made through the phone number, make sure you can receive the call. If the phone has IVR, disable it temporarily
  • The company's trade name in the documentation is the same one used on the website and the Facebook page. If different, the names need to be related in some way on the website. For example, at the footer, enter "Company ABC powered by Company D"
After submitting the documentation, you will be informed via email about the progress of the company's verification.

Business Manager Verification Process

1. Access Business Manager Security Center

To start the verification process go to Security Center and click Start Verification in the Business verification section.

2. Select Your Business

If your business is already listed
If your business is not listed
Confirm your business details
Select a phone number that you have access to from the drop-down menu and click Next.
Double check for any typos or other errors: you will not be able to edit this information upon submission.
Get a verification code
Choose to receive the verification code on your business phone number via a text message or a phone call or via email. The phone number option may not be available in all countries.
Please make sure that the email registered has the same domain as the website.
Accepted example
Not accepted example
Or verify your domain
If your domain is already verified, click Use Domain Verification. If not, complete the domain verification process, then return to the Security Centre and select Continue.
Enter verification code (not applicable if you use domain verification)
Enter your verification code. Click Submit.
You can skip the remaining steps 3 & 4 below.
If you cannot see your business in the list please select None of these match.
Then proceed with the Steps 3 & 4 below.
You may be asked in step 3 to provide official documentation of your business’s legal name. Upload an official document that matches the business’s legal name you entered in step 1, such as a business license, articles of incorporation or business tax registration.
Please check here the list of the documents accepted and not accepted before submitting them.

4. Verify the Business Address or Phone Number

Upload a document that shows both the legal name of your business and the mailing address or phone number shown on the screen.
Please check here the list of the documents accepted and not accepted before submitting them.
After you upload the documents, Meta will review them as quickly as they can. This may take up to 7 business days. You can check the current status of your verification by going to your Security Center. If you already have a 360dialog account, you can check the status by logging into the 360dialog Client Hub.
When your business is verified you will be notified and you will also see the verified status in your account.

Documents needed for Business Verification

See table below for examples of the documents you can submit for your country.
Because of the differences between legal documents between countries, Facebook has provided a list of the specific documents that need to be sent according to each country. Please see them bellow.
South Korea
United Kingdom
United States
Other countries
  • Business bank statement
  • Cadastro Nacional da Pessoa Jurídica (CNPJ)
  • Certificado da Condição de Microempreendedor Individual (MEI)
  • Contrato Social
  • Utility bill
  • 公司註冊證書
  • 商業登記摘錄
  • 商業登記證
  • 营业执照
  • 銀行帳單
  • Αντίγραφο κίνησης λογαριασμού / Hesap özeti
  • Εγγραφή στο μητρώο Φ.Π.Α.
  • Καταστατικό / Şirket ana sözleşmesi
  • Μητρώο Επιχειρηματικών Οντοτήτων
  • Συστατική Πράξη Εταιρείας / Şirket Kuruluş Onay Belgesi
  • Avis de situation au repertoire Sirene
  • Extrai d'immatriculation D1
  • Extrait K, L, Kbis ou Lbis
  • Facture d'électricité, de gaz ou d'eau
  • Lettre de confirmation de numéro SIREN délivrée par l'Urssaf
  • Statuts de l'enterprise
  • VAT registration
  • Business bank statement
  • Business license
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Goods and services tax registration certificate(GST)
  • Permanent Account Number Card (PAN)
  • Shop establishment certificate
  • Udyog Aadar (UID)
  • Utility bill
  • Business bank statement
  • Izin Usaha Mikro Kecil (IUMK)
  • Nomar Induk Berusaha (NIB))
  • Surat Izin Usaha Perdagangan (SIUP)
  • Surat Pengukuhan Pengusaha Kena Pajak (SPPKP
  • Tanda Daftar Perusahaan (TDP
  • Utility bill
  • An Oifig um Chlárú Cuideachtaí
  • Business bank statement
  • Business tax certificate
  • Certificate of business incorporation
  • Certificate of registration
  • Utility bill
  • Atto Costitutivo
  • Certificato di Registrazione Aziendale
  • Registro Imprese dell'archivio ufficiale della CCIAA
  • Statuto
  • Business bank statement
  • Certificate of formation
  • Utility bill
  • Value Added Tax Certificate (VAT)
  • 個人事業の開業, 廃業等の届出書
  • 営業許可
  • 定款
  • 履歴事項全部証明書
  • 法人番号指定通知書
  • 納税証明書
  • Business bank statement
  • Utility bill
  • 사업자등록증
  • 요금납부 내역서
  • 지방세 납세 증명서
  • 지방세 납세 증명서
  • 台中市政府函
  • 有限公司设立登记表
  • Certificate of formation
  • رخصة تجارية
  • شهادة تسجيل لضريبة القيمة المضافة
  • فاتورة اتصالات
  • فاتورة الكهرباء
  • كشف حساب بنك
  • Виписка з єдиного державного реєстру юридичних осіб , фізичних осіб-підприємців та громадьских формувань
  • Виписка з єдиного державного реєстру юридичних осіб та фізичних осіб-підприємців
  • Витяг з реєстру платників єдиного податку
  • Свідоцтво платника єдиного податку
  • Business bank statement
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Certificate of public liability insurance
  • Companies House document
  • Company registration number (CRN)
  • HM Revenue and Customs: VAT certificate
  • HM Revenue and Customs: Account statement
  • Utility bill
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Business bank statement
  • Business license
  • Employer identification number (EIN)
  • IRS SS-4 (Ein Assignment Letter)
  • IRS 147c (EIN Confirmation Letter)
  • Taxpayer identification number
  • Utility bill like a phone or electricity bill
  • Bank statement
  • Business licenses and permits from any level of government
  • Certificate of formation or incorporation
  • Business Tax or VAT registration certificate
  • EIN confirmation letter from the IRS (U.S. only)
  • Federal tax returns to the IRS by company (U.S. only)
  • Business bank account statements
  • Business credit report from one of the reporting agencies
Documents that are not accepted are:
  • Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Self-filled applications for the company
  • Tax returns filed by you or your company
  • Website print
  • Other documents like company flyers, letterhead, etc.

If the Start Verification button is not available

Your Business Manager may not be eligible for verification. In this case, you won’t be able to click the Start Verification button:
To enable the button, please:
  • Fill out all of the information in the Business Info page, inside the Facebook Business Manager settings
  • Create a WhatsApp Business API account with 360dialog using the signup form
The WhatsApp Business API account will be placed under the Limited Access Tier and the Start Verification button will be available. As soon as the verification process is completed, the account will be placed in the Standard Access Tier.

My Business Verification request was rejected: What to do now?

If your request for business verification was rejected by the Facebook team, you should receive an email notification noting that the documents you attached didn't pass the verification process.
To know more information about the rejection, you should go to your Facebook Business Manager → Security Center → Contact Facebook (under the message that the request was rejected).
On the new page, you will see your ticket/case number.
If you click on the ‘Read More’ button, you can start interacting directly with Facebook Support to find out what is missing or which documents are not correct.
Facebook Support can provide help in many languages.
If you still can't understand why your Business Verification request is being rejected, please file a ticket with our support team with the following information, so we can help you with this process:
  • Phone number registered
  • WABA ID registered
  • Business Manager ID
  • A full screenshot of the Business Manager “Business Info” page
  • A full screenshot of the Business Manager “Security Center” page
  • All submitted documents
  • Case Number

Is Business Verification the same thing as the green check?

Business verification is different from the verified badge, also known as green check or Official Business Account (OBA).

Official Facebook Documentation

For more info on the Business Verification Process, please refer to the Official Facebook Documentation on the subject: