API Keys

Generate API KEYs

After a successful onboarding, the "Generate API Key" button will be enabled. When you click the button, the option to generate an API KEY will be displayed in the browser.
For safety reasons, the API Key will show up only once. Make sure to store the key in a safe place before you close the window.
By clicking "Generate API Key" it will revoke any existing keys and create a new API Key.

Partner-generated API KEYS

If you have onboarded a number via the Integrated Onboarding flow and granted permission to an Integration Partner, the Integration Partner must generate the API KEY on your behalf by calling this endpoint for On-premise and Cloud API hosting.
Create API key by channel

Check API Permissions in the 360dialog Hub

In the 360dialog Hub > Numbers Page > Manage > Details > WhatsApp Business Account, you can check the status of:
  • API Key Permissions Displays "Shared" whether the permission to retrieve an API key for this number was shared with the Partner, or displays "Missing" if not shared yet. To share permissions, please follow the steps described here.
  • Messaging Callback URL You can check if a callback URL was set by the partner. A missing URL can be an indicator of issues regarding the Partner Integration. Please reach out to them, or, do not hesitate to contact our support team for clarification and assistance.