Interactive Messages

Those are session messages that do not require templates nor pre-approvals.
Interactive messages contain buttons, menus, or custom actions that invite users to interact with the business besides only typing texts. They achieve significantly higher response rates and conversions compared to text-based messages.

Interactive messages can be:

  • List Messages: 10-option menu, a consistent way for the user to select.
  • Reply Buttons: 3-option buttons, a quick way for the user to answer the business.
More about the code to send Single and Multi-Product messages you will find here.


  • You can combine different interactive messages in the same conversation flow.
  • Users can select one option at a time.
  • Users can go back and reopen a previous message.
  • You send a specification message as a response, not a notification.
  • Responses are sent within 24 hours.
  • You get an error message when you send an interactive message as an active notification.
  • It is supported on: iOS, Android, and the web.

When to use which

Lists are good to show several options, like in:
  • Menus of products or services.
  • FAQs.
  • A collection of items (names, locations, times…).
  • A certain order.
Reply buttons are excellent to promote a personalized experience and also to show fewer options, like in:
  • Airtime recharge.
  • Personal details updating.
  • Reorders.
  • Yes/No returns.
  • Payment method selections.
  • Specific additional options.

How to use them

Learn how to use each interactive message type at the API level here.