FB Page <> WhatsApp API Linking
Businesses are now able to connect their WhatsApp Business API account number to their Facebook page without any manual whitelisting.
For businesses where their Facebook page and WhatsApp API account number sit with different owners (e.g. an ad agency), they will now be able to link these without the need for manual support from 360dialog Support. Todo so, Business Managers should proceed to the WhatsApp section of ‘Page Settings’ in Facebook and follow these steps:
Step 1: On Facebook Page, in page settings under ‘WhatsApp’ tab, the requester adds the WA number and clicks on continue.
Step 2: Requester gets notified that a permission request has been sent.
Step 3: The approver (360dialog) sees the request from the page admin and approves it.
Step 4: On Facebook Page, the requester gets notified that the request is approved (or rejected).
Step 5: Once approval is given then the linking is complete. You can now see all pages connected to your WA number in one place through Page Settings or Business Manager. Your linked pages will now show in this section of Business Manager and can be revoked if needed in this section.
Last modified 2mo ago
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