Migrating Phone Numbers

This document describes the migration procedures for WhatsApp API registered phone numbers.

What is Number Migration?

Number migration is the process used to move a WhatsApp API registered number from one WABA to another. This allows businesses to change BSPs (Business Solution Provider) or move their number to a WABA. After being migrated, a phone number keeps its display name, quality rating, messaging limits, Official Business Account status, and any high-quality message templates previously approved.

Types of Migration

There are several different types of Phone Number Migration
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    Cloud API hosted by Meta -> 360dialog Cloud API (Coming Soon)

Migration of account

If you are migrating an account with a high volume of messages or a high number of accounts, we can help ensure everything goes smoothly. Please contact your Account Manager.
Template Messages and chat history migration Only the high quality message templates are migrated on this process. In practice, they are copied to the destination WABA. These templates do not need to go through review again and can be sent immediately. Low quality, rejected, or pending templates are not migrated. Any existing message templates in the destination WABA will not be overwritten. Message and chat history are not migrated with this process.
Billing Migration Messages sent before migration are charged to the source BSP. Messages sent after migration are charged to the destination BSP. Messages sent from the source, and that are not delivered before migration, are still charged to the source BSP when they get delivered.
Official Business Accounts (Green Badge) Official Business Accounts (OBAs) can be migrated between WABAs. If your number has a green badge and is migrated, the number will keep it's green badge after the migration is completed.