Number Porting Migrating Phone Numbers between BSPs

This document describes the Number Porting feature and its requirements, as well as the process needed to port a number from one BSP to 360dialog

What is Number Porting?

Number Porting means that a phone number that is already registered in the WhatsApp Business API can be moved between WhatsApp Business API accounts. This allows for businesses to change BSPs (Business Solution Provider) or move their number to a new account, but only if the source and destination Business Manager IDs are the same. After being migrated, a phone number keeps its display name, quality rating, messaging limits, Official Business Account status, and any high-quality message templates previously approved.
If you are migrating an account with a high volume of messages or a high number of accounts, we can help ensure everything goes smoothly. Please contact your Account Manager.

Migration of account

Template Messages and chat history migration Only the high quality message templates are migrated on this process. In practice, they are copied to the destination WABA. These templates do not need to go through review again and can be sent immediately. Low quality, rejected, or pending templates are not migrated. Any existing message templates in the destination WABA will not be overwritten. Message and chat history are not migrated with this process.
Billing Migration Messages sent before migration are charged to the source BSP. Messages sent after migration are charged to the destination BSP. Messages sent from the source, and that are not delivered before migration, are still charged to the source BSP when they get delivered.
Official Business Accounts (Green Badge) Official Business Accounts (OBAs) can be migrated between WABAs. The only requirement is that the two-factor authentication needs to be disabled during the migration process. It can be re-enabled after the number is migrated.

Prerequisites for Number Porting

A Phone Number to be ported to 360dialog:
  • You must be able to receive and verify a 6 Digit PIN Code through SMS or Voice Call.
  • The WhatsApp Business Account connected to the number to be ported must be verified by Meta. Accounts in Sandbox mode cannot be ported.
  • Two-Factor Verification must be disabled for the number.
You need to request the old BSP to disable Two-Factor Verification (2FA). The 2FA can and should be disabled without also disabling the account.
Meta rules state that the BSP cannot delay or difficult the disablement of 2FA or the porting process at all. If something similar happens, please report to us.
Admin Access to Business Manager:
  • ​Meta Business ID of the number to be ported.
  • Admin access is required to accept the Message-on-Behalf request.

Preparation checklist

Before migrating a number, it's important to go through the following checklist:
  1. 1.
    Valid Meta Business ID You can find your FB_ID by following these steps. The FB_ID must be associated with (own) the WhatsApp Account > Number that you are trying to migrate. An overview of the ownership model can be found here.
  2. 2.
    Admin Access to Meta Business Manager You must have Admin access to the FBM Account.
  3. 3.
    Meta Business Manager is verified Your Meta Business Manager must be fully verified.
  4. 4.
    Phone number access You must have access to the phone number to receive a 6 Digit PIN Code via SMS or Phone Call.
  5. 5.
    2FA Disabled You must check and confirm with your old BSP that Two-Factor Verification (2FA) is disabled on the existing WhatsApp Business API Client.
  6. 6.
    Number is not registered for WhatsApp Cloud API At present, we do not support porting from the WA Cloud API. You can identify a number using the Cloud API by opening the number in WhatsApp Web. Cloud API numbers have the message "this business uses a secure messaging service from Meta".
  7. 7.
    Business website is live Make sure that the website listed in Meta Business Manager > Business Info is correct and the website is live.
🇧🇷 Extra step for Brazilian numbers: Check in your current WhatsApp profile if the number registered has the extra 9 or not. When porting the number, it should look exactly the same as the current profile.

How to migrate a number if you are already a 360dialog customer

Please access your 360 Client Hub and select the option right next to the Add number button:
You will be asked to input the phone number to be migrated, as well as the Meta ID that owns the number:

How to migrate a number if you don't have an account with 360dialog

If you are working with a Solution Partner

You will need a form from link the Solution Partner to create an account and start the migration process.
Before starting, please double check with your Solution Partner if this is the correct number porting form. It should look like this one:

If you are not working with a Solution Partner

Please use this form to port your WhatsApp Business API account to 360dialog.

Number porting process

After you have submitted the initial information either through your 360 Client Hub or through a Solution Partner Number Porting Form, you will start the number porting process that is detailed below.
After finishing the setup in step 3, the migration is automatic and immediate.

1. Accept Message on Behalf request in Business Manager

You will need to accept the Message on Behalf request of 360dialog. You must have admin access to the Business Manager to see and accept the request.

2. Number Registration

You must have access to the phone number to verify the ownership and receive a 6 Digit PIN Code per SMS or Voice Call.
If you do not receive the PIN code in 1 hour after triggering it, please file a support ticket.

3. Wait for setup

You need to wait for the number to be set up. This step takes a few minutes, but right afterwards the API key generation will be possible.
If your page does not change after more than 1 hour, please file a support ticket.

4. Generate API key

After the phone number is migrated and set up, you will be able to generate the API key and send messages with the number migrated to 360dialog.
Please note the difference between:
  • Phone Number: the number used in the account; the number which customers send messages to
  • WABA ID: the ID of the WhatsApp Business API account
  • Meta Business Manager ID: the ID of the Business account that owns this number
In this process, the Phone Number is migrated from one WABA ID to another. The Facebook ID needs to be the same.

Number Porting Support

To ensure minimal downtime while porting your number to 360dialog, we offer special Number Porting Support. Please contact your Account Manager to schedule a specific window to do the Porting.


During the migration process, a few errors might occur. Here is how to solve them:

"Message on behalf request not yet accepted"

Before you can verify your phone number ownership, you first need to accept the message on behalf request that was sent to your Business Manager. You will also receive an email notification.
To approve the message on behalf request:
  1. 1.
    Click on the link in your email or log in to Business Manager.​
  2. 2.
    Within Business Manager, click Business Settings.
  3. 3.
    Click Requests.
  4. 4.
    Under Received, find your 360dialogs request and click Approve.
If you can't see the message on behalf request, please check if the Business Manager you have access to has the same ID that you submitted in the migration form.

"Two-factor authentication not yet disabled"

Before you can verify your phone number ownership you first need to disable two-factor authentication (2FA) for this number. This can be done either by you or by the Business Solution Provider, that is currently in charge of this number.
Please confirm that the 2FA was disabled before submitting the account for migration.

"This phone number is eligible to be added directly, and does not need to be ported. Please go to the 360 Client Hub and add it as a new number"

This means that you should not use the migration form to register this number. Please follow the process listed here instead.

"The phone number you are trying to port has already been moved to your destination WhatsApp Account. Please log in to the 360 Client Hub to continue."

This means that the number is already available in 360dialog. You can use the 360 Client Hub to manage it.

"The source and destination WhatsApp Business Accounts need to represent the same business. Please use the same Business ID as before when submitting the number for migration."

This means that the Meta Business ID sent in the form is not the same ID that currently manages this account. Please check the Business Manager and/or the old BSP dashboard to confirm which Business ID manages this WhatsApp account.

"Something went wrong when trying to migrate your phone number. Please try again after some time. If that does not work, please contact our support via the 360 Client Hub."

This means that an unexpected error occurred. Please reach out to our Support team with the information about this number and account so we can investigate accordingly.

Port number 360dialog --> Another BSP

If you want to port your number away from 360dialog you must disable 2FA on the existing setup.
For Owned WABAs (onboarded via Embedded Signup)
  • The Business Admin (Owner of the WhatsApp Business Account) can disable 2FA directly from Meta Business Manager.
For Shared WABAs (onboarded via Classic Signup)
  • Create a ticket (Topic: 2FA disable request) and we will disable 2FA for you.
Please allow 48-72 hours for us to process your 2FA disable request.
After the number transferred away from 360dialog, you must cancel your 360dialog subscription to avoid further charges.

Port WhatsApp CloudAPI number --> 360dialog

As the WhatsApp Cloud API is a new product, Meta has not provided a path for porting a Cloud API number from one BSP or Meta to another BSP. Please note that we do not offer Cloud API connections at the moment, so you will need to migrate the account to the Business API on-premise setting. For this specific situation, then, the possible workarounds are:
  • In the current BSP, migrate the account from Cloud API to On-premise, which will allow us to move forward with the standard number porting process. This is the recommended solution, since it avoids risks and possible repercussions.
  • Delete the number in the Cloud API setting and re-register it with 360dialog. For this to be possible, you cannot have sent paid messages in the last 30 days via this account. You will also lose all the templates, the ratings associated with it, etc. This is not recommended.