Prices, plans and payment options

Learn about the 360dialog pricing
360dialog only charges a monthly license fee per hosted number for unlimited access to the WhatsApp API with respect to Meta's policies. All customers must also pay for conversation fees which are re-billed by Meta as per their pricing rates. We do not charge any markup or commission or Meta's conversation fees.
We never charge any extra cost per conversation or message, the Conversation fees are only passed through. These costs are also paid to 360dialog, and 360dialog pays Meta.

Meta Pricing: Conversation-based Pricing

You only pay for the conversation and can send as many messages as you want in a 24-hour session, even if the customer doesn't respond.
Following the Conversation-Based Pricing model, WhatsApp API conversations fall into one of the following categories, which are priced differently:
  • Marketing — Marketing conversations include promotions or offers, informational updates, or invitations for customers to respond or take action.
  • Utility — Utility conversations facilitate a specific, agreed-upon request or transaction, or update a customer about an ongoing transaction. These may include transaction confirmations, transaction updates, and/or post-purchase notifications.
  • Authentication — Authentication conversations enable you to authenticate users with one-time passcodes, potentially at multiple steps in the login process (e.g., account verification, account recovery, integrity challenges).
  • Service — Service conversations help you resolve customer inquiries.
See below for Meta's documentation on the topic.

Understanding 360dialog's fixed monthly fee

Our pricing is based on the monthly license fee per hosted number. Incoming & outgoing WhatsApp Session Messages are always free and unlimited - we never charge any extra cost per session message.

Government accounts

Accounts for Government Entities are subjected to different rules. Please see more information here.

Details about hosting

What is the difference between On-premise and Cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is provided by Meta which allows businesses to host their applications or services on Meta's infrastructure. On-premise hosting is a traditional approach to hosting, that provides greater control over the server and data privacy, as well as customization, performance, etc.
The choice between the two largely depends on the specific needs and preferences of your business. Nevertheless, businesses looking for a cloud hosting solution can consider the 360dialog Cloud API, which offers several benefits such as:
  • Account management functionality via UI and APIs: Client Hub, Partner Hub, Partner API
  • Integrated Onboarding: Seamless UX
  • Dedicated support: Ticket-based and real-time chat responses, guaranteed investigations, multiple SLA packages
  • Payment options: Direct payment, Partner payment
  • Bundles: Ads and Measurement tools, CTWA, Payments API, etc.
  • Early access: Beta and new features rolled out by Meta for limited business
Benefits of Cloud vs On-premise Compared to traditional On-premise solutions, the Cloud-based WhatsApp Business API has emerged, offering a wide array of benefits that can empower customer engagement and optimize business operations with the scalability and reliability that Meta's Cloud infrastructure provides.
  • Higher Throughput: Cloud hosting offers higher throughput capabilities and improved performance, allowing businesses to efficiently handle a larger volume of messages on the WhatsApp Business API, ensuring a seamless customer messaging experience. See Message throughput with Cloud API hosting for more details.
  • Reliability and Availability: Meta's Cloud providers prioritize reliability and availability, investing in robust infrastructure and redundant systems. This ensures uninterrupted access to the WhatsApp Business API, minimizing downtime and delivering a consistent messaging experience for customers.
  • New Functionalities: Cloud-based solutions provide access to new functionalities and features, such as stickers, reactions, and other interactive elements, enhancing customer engagement and creating dynamic and interactive messaging experiences on the WhatsApp Business API.
  • Access to Beta Programs: Cloud hosting often has the opportunity to participate in beta programs, granting early access to upcoming features and functionalities in the WhatsApp Business API. This gives businesses a competitive advantage and the ability to shape their messaging strategies based on cutting-edge developments.
Businesses have the flexibility to choose between On-premise or Cloud hosting options for the WhatsApp Business API. Both hosting options will be maintained and supported, enabling businesses to select the approach that aligns best with their unique needs, requirements, and preferences.
Why use Cloud as main hosting option?
By choosing the Cloud as the primary hosting option, your WhatsApp Business API will leverage the extensive resources and assets specifically designed for the Cloud API. Meta's commitment lies in extending the capabilities of the Cloud API, empowering businesses with even greater potential.
Simultaneously, On-premise hosting remains a core offering, providing businesses with the flexibility to customize a hosting solution that best aligns with their specific requirements and preferences.
Ultimately, the choice between Cloud-based and On-premise hosting depends on the individual circumstances and preferences of each business. However, opting for the Cloud as the primary hosting option for the WhatsApp Business API allows businesses to harness the extensive resources, ongoing advancements, and flexibility provided by Meta.

Technical differences

Every account will have occasional restarts, which cannot be scheduled, potentially every 24 hours or more. During these restarts, the account will have a short downtime (up to 15 minutes). The restarts cannot be evitable, however, upgrading to the Premium Plan with a Multi-connect setup, or changing hosting type to Cloud API can offer a more stable server.

Message throughput with Cloud API hosting

Under ideal conditions, accounts with Cloud hosting can handle up to 50 messages per second. Ideal conditions include your webhook responding in less than 200ms and having sufficient technical resources to ensure optimal performance.
Feel free to reach out to our Support Team in case you have any questions regarding Cloud API throughput capabilities.

Message throughput with On-premise hosting

On-Premise accounts with a high volume of simultaneous messages need more complex infrastructure to allow for a seamless process of these messages. To increment an account's infrastructure, we can add more cores (or shards), which increases its capacity to process higher messages simultaneously. Please note that the standard setting does not prevent messages from being sent or received above its capacity - these messages will only take longer to arrive.
Regular and Premium accounts with On-premise hosting can process up to 25 messages per second.
We have two on-premise hosting plans for High volume accounts available: Half-scale with 16 Shard Multi-connect setup (which processes up to 120 messages per second) and Full-scale with 32 Shard MultiConnect setup (which processes more than 120 messages per second). These plans also include Premium Plan benefits.
On-premise WhatsApp Business API cannot process more than 250 messages per second by default, even with the full-scale setup. Here is the Meta documentation highlighting this information.

What is the difference between On-premise hosting in Regular and Premium Plan?

The Premium Plan offers a more stable server with higher SLAs.

Cost and Billing

Clients who opt to create an account directly with 360dialog, meaning without a Solution Partner, can choose between a 49,- EUR / USD and a 99,- EUR / USD plan.
Both plans offer direct access to the API and therefore unlimited possibilities regarding your implementation. Both plans also are eligible for chat support, whereas the 99,- EUR / USD plan will provide access to Premium support.
It is not possible to enroll for Premium Support without the Premium Plan.
All our plans are billed on a month-to-month basis.

How to check the current plan of a number

The subscription plan of a channel/number is shown in "Account Details" and further detailed under the "Billing Information" section in the 360dialog Hub.

How to upgrade

If you are enrolled for Direct billing, you will have the option to upgrade directly from the 360dialog Hub.
Once you request the update, you will receive immediate access to all upgraded plan features upon selection. The corresponding license fee will be charged to your attached payment method at the time of the upgrade.
Please note that after upgrading, you will only be able to downgrade after 30 days.
If you pay for your WhatsApp Business API account to your Solution Partner, please contact them to request the upgrade.

Webhook response

For the messages to be sent and received without delays, it is important to check how long it takes for your webhook to respond to requests. For responses above 80 milliseconds, there could be delays unrelated to 360dialog's structure.
If you can’t decrease the response time of your webhook, but are experiencing issues, please get in touch with our support team.

Billing start and end

License fee billing will begin as soon as the WhatsApp Business API stack is deployed. The stack is deployed immediately after the Signup is completed.
Cancelling your license will queue the number for deletion. Please note, it is not an instant deletion. The status of the number will be changed to “Pending deletion”, while the number is in the stage, it can still send and receive messages as normal. The number will be permanently deleted at the end of the notice period (at the end of the next month), and billing will stop at that point.

Payment options

We offer two payment options: Direct Payment or Partner Payment. The Partner option requires a signed contract between the Software Provider and 360dialog). All payments (both license and conversation fees) are made either only through a Partner for all Clients, or each Client separately and independently. It is not possible to use different types of payment for the license and conversation fees.

Direct Payment

With this option, each client pays license fees and conversations fees to 360dialog directly. A partner charges for their product/integration separately.

Partner Payment

With this option, the partner pays for the license fees and conversation fees for the clients. Pricing policy of a partner is not regulated by 360dialog.